Georgia "Inn Keeper"
b.between 1798~1802 South Carolina
lived in Marion County, Georgia
married :
Martha Ann GREEN (b.1818)
AKA "Mary Ann"
m.26 Jan 1848 Marion, GA
unknown, possibly.. (see 1860 census)
children: EVERINGHAM
all born in Georgia
  1. Elizabeth Mary (b.~1841)
  2. Isabella (b.~1844)

  3. Harriet R. (b.10 May 1850)
  4. Millard F. (b.~1857)
  5. Colee T. (b.~1858)
  6. Martha (b.1859)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Phoebe
  2. Charlotte
  3. Lewis L. (b.1804)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2011

1820 CENSUS Richmond, Georgia (page 205)... Thos Everingham
1830 CENSUS Holts, Richmond, GA (page 291) ... Thomas Everingham
These previous Thomas Everingham's could have been this Thomas, or possibly his father? The 1840 Census does appear like the Thomas on this page may have had his parents living with him.

1833 Talbot County Deed book (Page 141, Jan 29, 1833) ... Grantor; Susan Miller of Richmond County, to Robert A. Patrick, for $600, 1st District, land lot #113, witnesses; Nath'l Polhill, Thos Everingham, Lewis Everingham.
1837 Ebenezer Baptist Church Records (suggesting siblings)
1840 CENSUS Marion Co. GA #68, page 13 --- Thomas Everingham, 1 m(20-30), 1m(70-80), 2f(20-30), 1f(60-70), and 14 slaves (10 worked in agricluture)
1848 local news mentioning Thomas.

1848 Marriage Record, Marion Co. GA, Thomas Everingham & Martha A. Everingham married 26 Jan 1848 at Marion Co. GA. according to the research of Tom Phillips.... "Lewis Everingham married Martha Green (b. 1818) on Feb. 16 1837 or Jan 28 1837 in Marion County GA. Lewis was buried in Blakely Ga. After Lewis died Thomas Everingham (b.1800) married Martha Everingham in 1848, widow of Lewis and possibly his sister-in-law."
This makes sense, and may explain the two children born before Thomas & Martha were married, they are likely children from the previous marriage of Thomas OR Martha! They may be daughters of Lewis.

1850 CENSUS Marion County, GA (Sept 21, 1850 Home #367, Family #367) Thomas Everingham 48, b.SC, occ: Inn Keeper, value of real estate owned $1,000,... Martha A. 32, b.GA,... Elizabeth 9, b.GA,... Isabella 6, b.GA,... Harriet 1/12, b.GA,... also the following people were presumably staying at "The Inn"... Elisabeth MLemany 59,... Lemera Green 21,... Milton Battle 30, lawyer,... Eliza Battle 28,... William J. Reese 25, physician,... Mary Reese 16,... John Campbell 40, lawyer,... Samuel H. Crawford 27, Lawyer,... Mr. Cassaway A. Davis 23, Lawyer,... Thos. Harvey 27, merchant,... John M. Glaze 20, clerk,... John M. Meehen 27, Sheriff.
1850 CENSUS Marion County, GA (Schedule 2 Slave inhabitants) owner: Thomas Everingham,... female 31, male 21, female 23, male 35, female 9, male 7, female 6, male 11, male 9, male 11 (all Black). no idea if this slave list belongs to Thomas & Martha, but it was the same County in Georgia and the only Thomas I find in 1850 here.... possibly used as help in the "INN". ... Slavery existed in the US, and continued mostly in the South, until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865.

1860 CENSUS Buenavista District, Marion County, GA (page 266 family #214)... Thomas Everingston 60,.. Martha A. 47 b.GA,... Marry E. 18, b.GA,... Isabella 14, b.GA,... Harriet R. 7, b.GA,... Millard F. 3, b.GA,... Colee T., 1, b.GA... (no further info)
living close, was another Thomas (no age given) is this possibly the father of Thomas?
1860 CENSUS Buenavista District, Marion County, GA (Page 264 fam#202) .. Thos Everingham,.. Mary Everingham... Phebe Everingham 64 (b.~1796 GA)... Rebecca Everingham 28 (b.~1832 GA)

The same family?...
1870 CENSUS Americus, Sumter County, GA ... Thomas Everingham 71, teacher, value of realestate 100, b.SC,... Mary Ann 52, keeping home, b.GA,... Mary Davis 30, domestic servant, b.GA,... Martha Everingham 11,... James Suightary? 7.
"IF" this is the same family, it seems that his "INN" and property is all gone by 1870.

1880 CENSUS Buena Vista, Marion, GA ... Lou Everingham, b.1847 GA, female, widowed, race; Black, house keeper. Is this a possible freed slave?

1923 Death Certificate #17998, Mitchell, GA ... Hattie McCollum, age 73, born May 10 1850 at Buena Vista, GA, died June 4, 1923 at Baconton, Mitchell, Georgia.,.. married to A.S. McCollum, daughter of John Everingham & Martha Green. John may be Thomas' middle name or even recorded incorrectly the name of Thomas' father?

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