Born: :?
married :
Sarah M. BARNARD about 1819
Aunt and Uncle of John:
John EVERINGHAM (b.~1756)

Thomas EVERINGHAM or other brother of John listed above?

children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Rebecca Barnard (b.1819)
  2. Maria
  3. Rhoda
siblings: EVERINGHAM


fact sources and writings about this individual:
Page Info Submitted by: Tom Phillips

I believe there was a Thomas (b. 1765) , probably brother to John, & Mary Everingham who had the following children;

Lewis Everingham (prob. named after Dr. Lewis Kennan) b. 1-18- 1804-d. 11-19- 1845) M.. Martha Green (B. 1818) on Feb. 16 1837 or Jan 28 1837 in Marion County GA. Lewis was buried in Blakely Ga. and his tombstone reads "A Faithful Minister Of The Gospel". He was apparently involved in helping create & run the boarding school or college there. Phebe who was born in 1796 or 1798.
Thomas Everingham (b. 1800) was originally married to Mary.

After Lewis died Thomas Everingham (1800-?) married Martha Everingham in 1848, widow of Lewis and possibly his sister-in-law. They had 3 Children:
Harriet b. 1853
Millard b. 1857
Cole b. 1859

Research of Kevin Everingham -
1830 CENSUS Savannah Washington Ward, Carroll, Georgia (page 242) John Everingham
no idea if this is the right Census info!.. the only other Everingham in Georgia at this time was Thomas Everingham of Holts, Richmond, GA, who may have been a brother or cousin of this "John". The only other John Everingham's that I find prior to 1830 that could be this same line would be in South Carolina, which I believe is this John's parents.

NOTE: because of Quilt research listed on John Everingham's (b.1856) page "above", it is known that this family is related to John listed as a possible parent, but this "John husband of Sarah", is the son of one of that John's brothers; Thomas Everingham, or another brother.

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