Everingham Family History Record Reprint... (c)February 2008  

Tomahawk Creek School
aka "Shaloy School"est (1897)

After visiting the building in 2005 and hearing stories about this family school for several years... I decided to find what I could about the school and compile it here.

Tomahawk Creek (Lake) School was located in S. Allis Twp. on the SE corner of M-33 & 6 Mile. It was built in 1897 and served till the 1950's.

Student: Gene Everingham, 1944

Student: Edith Everingham, 1944

Known TEACHERS included;
Ruth (Rogers) Szymoniak
last teacher 51-52.
Cassie Erratt

Some known STUDENTS

  • Inez Everingham
  • Edith Everingham
  • Eugene Everingham
  • Lillian Ruth Everingham
  • Neva Mae Everingham
  • Marvin Everingham
  • Harold Lamberson
  • JoAnn Lamberson
  • Lila Lamberson
  • Dale Milligan
  • Larry Milligan
  • Ronnie Milligan
  • Billy Stoner
  • Keith Stoner
  • Ruth Szymoniak
    Students in a 1906 photo:
  • Millie Milligan
  • Mabel Varco
  • Margaret Varco
  • Charlie Varco
  • Kitty O'Neal
  • Ethel Benham
  • Mary Robinson
  • Leslie Milligan
  • Julia Snooks
  • Lois Snooks
  • Maude Russell
  • Wilson "Nibs" Milligan
  • Ray Milligan
  • Joe Shaloy

    In 1937 Charlie Everingham was janitor and also supplied wood. Bob Bowles and Harold Frieberger came every day to play ball with the kids. They were too old to be in school but needed something to do.

    A snow storm plugged the road at Merritt's Hill. A rotary plow was brought in from Rogers City. The teacher, Cassie Erratt, let the students watch out thewindow of the school because most of the students had never seen the plow work before. Cassie notes, it took the plow most of the morning to break the road open. Ruth Szymoniak tells of taking the whole class (10 students) to Mackinaw City and riding to St. Ignace on the Ice Breaker Mackinaw when the ship was almost new.
    info from the Onaway Outlook, June 1, 2012

    information by
    Nute Chapman, Jim Hall, Sally Beatty, Kevin Everingham


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