Everingham Family History Public Record Reprint

Records of Estrays
Monmouth Co. NJ
Mid 1700's

Everingham Land owners

This information was collected to show that at least 4 Everinghams; Thomas, Henry, Joseph & A widow Everingham all owned Plantations in Monmouth New Jersey in the mid 1700's. These individuals were almost certainly family living close to each-other. For reference: Estray- meaning domestic animals of unknown ownership - An animal that has escaped from its owner. A legal term, usually defined in common law, as a wandering animal whose owner is unknown. Records of Estrays were markings made and recorded so that one's livestock could be differentiated as they grazed in common pastures. Records of Estrays marked or noted Plantation and Farm owners in a given area.


The following Records of Estrays establish the area where Everinghams lived and the individual local owners around them. almost like an early mini-census

Nov 23, 1737 at the plantation of Thomas Everingham,... others listed on the same page, under various dates in 1737: Jacob Lain, Mebitabel(?) Lawrence, John Vaughn, Robert Mantgoe(?), Richard Horsfield, Jermiah Stilwil(?), Moses Robin Juner (this record mentions Allentown), John Lawrence, Richard Britton.... Thomas Everingham is also recorded on Dec 20, 1737.

Nov 27, 1740 at the plantation of Henry Everingham,... other names listed on the same page; Zebulon Clayton, Lawrence Grandine, Elisha Lawrence, William Woodwards, Richard Stevens, James Rogers. NOTE: Henry Everingham's son Joseph (b.~1729) married a Mary Vaughn, see the Vaughn name in the next Record of estrays, 1755 & previous 1737 record.

Jan 3, 1755 at the plantation of Widow Everingham this is likely the widow of Henry listed above who died 1752.,... other names listed on the same page; Joseph Lawrence, John (or James) Vaughn, Wm. Cheesman...

Nov 28, 1755 at the plantation of Jos Everingham,... other names listed on the same page; Robt.Holman, David Bard, Guisbert Guisbertson, Joseph Taylor. NOTE: possible son of Joseph or Henry Everingham, a John Everingham (b.~1735) married Hannah Gibberson, likely the daughter of Guisbert Guisbertson.

Dec 7, 1769 at the plantation of Thomas Everingham,... other names listed on the same page; Derrick Burcatow(?), George Done, Jonathan Hankins, James Buchalew, Albert Covenhoven, John Parent.

I believe that this is also strong circumstantial evidence that Thomas, Henry & Joseph were brothers or relatives, living in the same general area in Monmouth County, New Jersey. They were also all the about the same age but Henry had died by 1755, so it is possible Henry was the father of Thomas & Joseph. This seems to fit perfectly with Henry & Rachel Everingham. That Henry died in 1752 and had sons named Thomas and Joseph. If this is the correct Henry, then widow Everingham listed above is probably Rachel (Robbins) Everingham.
~ Kevin Everingham

-Records of Estrays, Monmouth, New Jersey-
transcribed by Kevin Everingham
From the research of William "Bill" Malkin, 2001
Notes added are speculation by Kevin

(c)2011 Everingham Family History Archives