Henry EVERINGHAM b.late 1600s - early 1700's?,
Rachel ROBINS (b.abt 1703)
currently unknown
possible parent (Jeremiah?)
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Jeremiah (b.1720s?)
  2. William (died 1793)
  3. Thomas (died 1810)
  4. Nathaniel (died 1810)
  5. Joseph (b.~1729) m. Mary Vaughn
  6. John (b.1730's?)
  7. Judith

New Jersey
Early New Jersey
Everingham family
living in the
same area.
(see locations)

Also see: The first 2
generations in America

Records of Estrays
Monmouth, NJ

fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Much of this information from Tom Phillips of PA.

(Children) Information above from the Will of William Everingham d.1793.

Lived at Upper freehold Township, Monmouth, NJ where he bought land
23 Dec 1727 from Jacob Robins. --This according to William Malkin

In 1740 the records of Estrays, it shows Henry as a plantation owner: "at the plantation of Henry Everingham (Nov. 27, 1740).... others listed on the same page include: Zebulon Clayton, Lawrence Grandine, Elisha Lawrence, William Woodwards, Richard Stevens, James Rogers.

In 1752 son Jeremiah deeded land to William his brother and to take care of their widowed mother Rachel. So Henry had died by 1752.

1755 Records of Estrays lists "at the plantation of widow Everingham (dated Jan 3, 1755), other names on the same page include: Joseph Lawrence, John Vaughn, Wm. Cheesman.

(The same Rachel?)...A Rachel Robbins (b.1703) was the daughter of Joseph & Hannah Robbins and was born in Freehold Monmouth. She had a brother named Jacob Robbins b.1705.

You are most certainly welcome to the data I have at NationStudy.com "Janice"/2013 - I am pleased that someone else has come to the same conclusion I have regarding Rachel Robins. I would point out, that in several documents of that era the name is spelled with only one " B " Robins. From the NationStudy site, (link above) found by Tom Phillips, 2013: "By 1731 (John Nation) John's family was complete, a young wife, Bethia Robins, 3 sons, 4 daughters... Bethia's brother Jacob Robins was listed for 250 acres and Rachel's husband Henry Everingham 80 acres (bought land 23 Dec 1727 from Jacob Robins)."

NOTES from Kevin Everingham, 2014 - Child "John" is listed above as the child of Henry & Rachel, although his connection is speculation, not proven. John is often listed with Thomas and Nathaniel in revolution references, cooincidence or are they brothers or cousins? John married into the "GIBERSON" family. The Giberson's are likewise related to the "ROBBINS" family also connected to this family (Sarah's parents) or to Cornelius Everingham probable brother of Henry. It is just as likely that John was the son of Cornelius as it is Henry.

Early Monmouth, New Jersey A History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, by Edwin Salter, 1890,.. "(pg.131, Soldiers of the Revolution) officers and privates of Old Monmouth as stated in General Stryker's reports... (pg.140) from Monmouth; John Everingham, Nathaniel Everingham, Thomas Everingham.... back of this book is the Genealogical Record of the first settlers of Monmouth and Ocean Counties which lists; Everingham - Thomas and Henry were among tax payers in Upper Freehold, 1731, and William and Joseph Everingham in 1758. In what is now Ocean county, Everingham's saw mill, 1750, on the north branch of Toms River or Pine Brook is frequently referred to. "

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