Gertrude Dora BEEHLER b.22 May 1889 Shiawiassee Co, MI
d.29 Dec 1951 Lansing, MI
burial: Oakhill Cemetery, Owosso, MI
William Joseph MORGAN (b.1882)
married Dec 13 1908
Frank BEEHLER (b.30 Apr 1866 PA)
Anna "Annie" EISELE (b.24 Aug 1867 PA)
children: MORGAN
  1. Floyd Arthur (b.2 Dec 1909)
  2. Leora Marie (b.26 Aug 1911)
  3. Josephine D. (died age 1)
  4. Helen Leona (b.17 Feb 1914)
  5. Joseph William (1917-1922)
  6. Annie Hattie Amy (b.23 Dec 1920)
  7. Frank R (b.2 May) same as below?
  8. Roy Arthur (d.11 May 1923)
  9. Eva May (b.2 Dec) died young
  10. William "Bill" Henry (b.27 Jan 1926)
siblings: BEEHLER
  1. William (b.1891)
  2. Edna (b.1893) m.Byron Thompson
  3. Charles Lester (b.1895)
  4. John "killed in wrecker accident"
  5. Ted
  6. Elsie married ? Neilson
  7. Alice (b.1901) m. Ed Stanhope
  8. Bernice married ? Koozier
  9. Arthur
  10. Richard (b.1909)
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NOTE: Anna Eisele (Gertrude's mother) was adopted in Erie Pennsylvania. She was a carrier of "hemophilia".

Gertrude's father, Frank Beehler's ancestors were from Germany.
William's ancestry is thought to have been Irish.

1920's log wagon (left to right) - Grandpa Frank Beehler Jr., (Floyd or Helen?), Gertrude (Beehler) Morgan, Ann Morgan, Bernice Beehler, Leora Morgan.
1920's log wagon

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