Gertrude Dora BEEHLER b.22 May 1889 Shiawiassee Co, MI
d.29 Dec 1951 Lansing, MI
burial: Oakhill Cemetery, Owosso, MI
William Joseph MORGAN (b.1882)
married Dec 13 1908
Frank BEEHLER (b.30 Apr 1866 PA)
Anna "Annie" EISELE (b.24 Aug 1867 PA)
children: MORGAN
  1. Floyd Arthur (b.2 Dec 1909)
  2. Leora Marie (b.26 Aug 1911)
  3. Josephine D. (died age 1)
  4. Helen Leona (b.17 Feb 1914)
  5. Joseph J. (burried Owosso,MI)
  6. Annie Hattie Amy (b.23 Dec 1920)
  7. Frank R (b.2 May) same as below?
  8. Roy Arthur (d.11 May 1923)
  9. Eva May (b.2 Dec) died young
  10. William "Bill" Henry (b.27 Jan 1926)
siblings: BEEHLER
  1. William (b.1891)
  2. Edna (b.1893) m.Byron Thompson
  3. Charles Lester (b.1895)
  4. John "killed in wrecker accident"
  5. Ted
  6. Elsie married ? Neilson
  7. Alice (b.1901) m. Ed Stanhope
  8. Bernice married ? Koozier
  9. Arthur
  10. Richard (b.1909)
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NOTE: Anna Eisele (Gertrude's mother) was adopted in Erie Pennsylvania. She was a carrier of "hemophilia".

Gertrude's father, Frank Beehler's ancestors were from Germany.
William's ancestry is thought to have been Irish.

1920's log wagon (left to right) - Grandpa Frank Beehler Jr., (Floyd or Helen?), Gertrude (Beehler) Morgan, Ann Morgan, Bernice Beehler, Leora Morgan.
1920's log wagon

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