Nelson William EVERINGHAM
some records show mid name Willis Typo?
AKA William N. Everingham
b.20 Apr 18573 in Hutsonville, Illinois
d.6 Dec 1893 Crawford Co. Illinois
cause: dropsy
burial: Hutsonville, Crawford, IL
Ida Bell SALSBURY abt 1881 1 18783
John EVERINGHAM (b.1814)
Sarah Elizabeth NEWLIN
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Lea M.
  2. Lee Roscoe --- Murdered
  3. John A. (b.1885)
  4. Wilber Morton (b.1887)
  5. Benjamin F. (b.1888)
  1. Joseph Sylvester (b.1839)
  2. Edward Clark (b.1841)
  3. George Baxter (b.1843)
  4. John Elder (b.1845)
  5. Mary Jane (b.1846)
  6. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1846)
  7. Martha Ellen (b.1849)
  8. Julia Catherine (b.1851)
  9. Tryphena Ann (b.1853)
  10. Charles Allen (b.1855)
  11. Lee (b.1860)
  12. Dee (b. 1862)
  13. Nancy (b.1865)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Info from Wilber M. Everingham's death certificate.
2Children info above from Estelle Black from information given by Harry Gerrard Jr. of IN.
Obituary in Hutsonville Herald said he died at age 36 & lists him as William N. Everingham.

Hutsonville Herald Dec 8, 1893
Mr. Dee Everingham and Mrs. Jane Pifer, with their families of Robinson, attended the funeral of their brother, Wm. Everingham, at this place yesterday.
3Information from the records of Estelle Black 2000/2001.

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