Charlotte EVERINGHAM b.1798 or 1801 (3)
d.12 Jan 1876 in NY (2)
2nd Wife of:(4) Darius HAMILTON
(b.1785) (2) d.19 May 1877
John EVERINGHAM (b.1765) (1)
Nancy____ (b.1764)
children: HAMILTON

  1. John (b.1824 d.1895)
  2. Enoch (b.1826 d.1854)
  3. Warren (b.1827 d.1867)
  4. Otis (b.1829 d.1895)
  5. Polly (b.1831)
  6. Nancy (b.1833)
  7. Baxter (b.1836 d.1859)
  8. Minor (b.1838)
  9. Sarah Ann (b.1844)
  1. Samuel (b.1795)
  2. Jerimiah (b.1796 or 1797)
  3. Nancy (b.1799)
  4. Enoch (b.1803 or 1805)
  5. Hannah (b.1805)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Information supplied by Ann J. Everingham.
2Sherman Hollow Cemetery records.
3Cemetery records above show her date of birth to be ~1801.
4Darius' first wife: Polly died 13 Jan 1820, age 24. see cemetery record above.

5Onondaga's Centennial, Vol 1, 1896
"Family Sketches" - "Jerome CLARK of LaFayette, born in Fabius, Feb 8, 1831, son of Erastus & Almira (Kinney) CLARK. In 1860 he married Nancy, daughter of Darius and Charlotte (Everingham) HAMILTON."

NY Everingham narrative by historian J. Roy Dodge, 1991:
"It may be of some interest to note that Darius and Charlotte Everingham Hamilton lived all of their lives on a ninety-six acre farm on the east side of lot #90, perched on the hill-side above the railroad track. They had a road which passed near the Sherman Hollow cemetery, near a small creek which flows there, up the hill to an underpass beneath the railroad. This road was not a formal right-of-way but by courtesy of the Everinghams. Their children; 1. John Hamilton born May 8, 1824 died 1895; 2. Enoch Hamilton born Jan 1826 died Dec 15, 1854; 3. Warren born 1827 died Nov 8, 1867; 4. Otis Hamilton born 1829 died March 1895; 5. Polly born 1831 married Thomas Baker; 6. Nancy born 1833 married Jerome Clark; 7. Baxter Hamilton b. 1836 died Sept 28, 1859; 8. Minor Hamilton born 1838 died March 1891; 9. Sarah Ann born 1844 married Harrison Clark. (in the census of 1865 Charlotte said she was the mother of eight children yet there were nine in the family as shown in the census and other records) Following the death of Darius in 1878 the farm was sold to William Alexander and here George Alexander, who married Lucy Everingham, grew up"

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