Nancy EVERINGHAM b.1799
Dennison FOX
John EVERINGHAM (b.1765) (1)
Nancy____ (b.1764)
children: FOX

  1. Samuel (b.1795)
  2. Jerimiah (b.1796 or 1797)
  3. Charlotte (b.1798)
  4. Enoch (b.1803 or 1805)
  5. Hannah (b.1805)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Information provided by Ann J. Everingham

--- research of Kevin Everingham ---
possible match: 1850 CENSUS Fabius, Onondaga, NY - House 112, family 117
Denison Fox, 55, born in VT,.. Nancy, 42, b.NY,.. William 17,... Eunice, 13,... Lydia 4,... William 88, b. CONN,... John 45, b.VT
looks like this Denison Fox lived in the right area and had his father Wm. and brother John living with him along with wife "Nancy" and 3 children.

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