Charlotte EVERINGHAM b.1798 or 1801 (3)
d.12 Jan 1876 in NY (2)
2nd Wife of:(4) Darius HAMILTON
(b.1785) (2) d.19 May 1877
John EVERINGHAM (b.1765) (1)
Nancy____ (b.1764)
children: HAMILTON

  1. Enoch (b.1825 d.1854)
  2. Warren (b.1826 d.1867)
  3. Nancy 5
  4. Baxter (b.1836 d.1859)
  1. Samuel (b.1795)
  2. Jerimiah (b.1796 or 1797)
  3. Nancy (b.1799)
  4. Enoch (b.1803 or 1805)
  5. Hannah (b.1805)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Information supplied by Ann J. Everingham.
2Sherman Hollow Cemetery records.
3Cemetery records above show her date of birth to be ~1801.
4Darius' first wife: Polly died 13 Jan 1820, age 24. see cemetery record above.

5Onondaga's Centennial, Vol 1, 1896
"Family Sketches" - "Jerome CLARK of LaFayette, born in Fabius, Feb 8, 1831, son of Erastus & Almira (Kinney) CLARK. In 1860 he married Nancy, daughter of Darius and Charlotte (Everingham) HAMILTON."

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