Henry DELL --- AKA; Henry DILL
Revolutionary War Loyalist.
born between 1752 & 1758 Sussex, NJ
died 18021,2
WAR Service:
Henry enlisted 2 Feb 1777. In March 1778 he was reported sick in quarters. In November 1779 he was assigned to Deckers Ferry Fort. In September 1780 he was listed as sick in quarters. Henry deserted capt. Crowell's company on Staten Island 1 Feb 1782.
Bassnett DELL
DELL children:
Henry Married Anna MARR2
  1. Samuel (b.1782)
  2. Bassnett (b.1786)
  3. Elizabeth (b.1788)
  4. Henry (b.1790)
  5. Adoram (b.1792)
  6. Nathaniel (b.1794)
  7. Hannah Burris (b.1795)
  8. Sarah Burris (b.1796)
  9. Anna (b.1798)
siblings: DELL
  1. Bassnett (b.abt 1752)
  2. Adoram (b.1756)
  3. Chloe (b.1759)
  4. Rebecca (b.26 Apr 1760)
  5. Nathaniel (b.abt 1766)
  6. William (b.29 Jul 1766)
  7. Burris (b.1772)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Most information here from the "Worldconnect" files of Kimball G. Everingham.
2genealogy records of Linda (Dell) Donaldson sent; Sept 2002.
Henry is buried at Willoughby, Ontario "now Misener Plot" at McCreadie Hill.

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