Bassnett DELL born between 1720 & 1738 Sussex Co. NJ
d.3 Sept 18082 in Crowland Twp, Lincoln Co., Ontario
Hannah BURRIS (b.~1724 Morris Co., NJ)
(d.~1808 St. Catherines, Niagara Co. Ont.)2
Henry DELL (b.abt 1700)
Jean LION (b.abt 1700)
children: DELL
  1. Bassnett (b.abt 1752)
  2. Peter William (b.1754)2
  3. Adoram (b.1756)
  4. Henry (b.1752-1758?)
  5. Nathaniel (b.1758-1766?)
  6. Chloe (b.1759)
  7. Rebecca (b.26 Apr 1760)
  8. William (b.29 Jul 1766)
  9. Burris (b.1772)
siblings: DELL
  1. Richard (b.16 Oct 1726)
  2. Elizabeth (b.abt 1730)
  3. Randolph (b.28 Dec 1736)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Much information here from the "Worldconnect" files of Kimball G. Everingham
File(kgeveringham) used with permission.

Kim's notes:
He evidently was not a soldier during the Revolution, as no doubt he was too old. His petition for land mentions no military service. His Crown Grant was Lots 1 and 2, Broken Front Concession, Crowland Township, Ontario. It was somewhat larger than the usual Grant of 200 acres, because of the unusual shape and frontage on the Chippewa Creek. He came with his wife and three youngest children to Canada. His older children each came with their wives and children as their own Petitions for Crown Grants of Land show.

His WILL is filed in Lincoln County, St. Catherines Ontario and names his wife and children, Henry, Basnett, William, Rebecca, Nathaniel, and Burris. Adoram and Chloe, deceased earlier, were not mentioned.

2Genealogical Records of Linda (Dell) Donaldson, sent Sept 2002.
both Kimball and Linda have DELL records back further than noted here.

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