William DELL
AKA William DILL
b.29 Jul 17661,2 Sussex Co. NJ
d.12 Jun 1855 Windham Twp, Norfolk, Ontario2
Hannah STEINHOFF abt.1786
born 1774 in New Jersey2
Bassnett DELL
children: DELL2
  1. James (b.1787?)
  2. Richard (b.1793)
  3. Joseph W. (b.1795)
  4. Joanna (b.1798)
  5. Elizabeth (b.1802)
  6. Benjamin (b.~1806)
  7. Jane (b.1812)
  8. Basnet
  9. Henry (b.1816)
siblings: DELL
  1. Bassnett (b.abt 1752)
  2. Adoram (b.1756)
  3. Henry (b.abt 1758)
  4. Chloe (b.1759)
  5. Rebecca (b.26 Apr 1760)
  6. Nathaniel (b.abt 1766)
  7. Burris (b.1772)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1information here from the "Worldconnect" files of Kimball G. Everingham.
2From the records of Linda (Dell) Donaldson sent; Sept 2002.

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