Bassnett DELL b.~1752-1761? New Jersey2
d.18 Jul 1832 Louth, Upper Canada2
burial; Tom McCredie's Hill "now Misener plot" Chippewa, Welland, Ontario
Anna "Hannah" DeFIELDS
died in Chippewa, Welland Co., Ontario, Burial at Tom McCreadie's Hill, Welland Co., Ontario
Basnett DELL (born in NJ)
children: " DELL "
  1. Henry (b.1784)
  2. Martin (b.1786)
  3. Peter William (b.1791)
  4. Margaret Peggy (b.~1794)
  5. Edward (b.1795)
  6. Adoram (b.1796)
  7. Chloe (b.1800)
  8. Barnabas (b.1805)
  9. James (b.1806)
  10. Bassnett (b.1807)
siblings: " DELL "
  1. Adoram (b.1756)
  2. Henry (b.abt 1758)
  3. Chloe (b.1759)
  4. Rebecca (b.26 Apr 1760)
  5. Nathaniel (b.abt 1766)
  6. William (b.29 Jul 1766)
  7. Burris (b.1772)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
according to notes of Kimball Everingham, Basnett & Anna Dell's homestead was located in what is now the Delmar Golf Course.

2Genealogical records of Linda (Dell) Donaldson, sent Sept 2002.

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