James DELL
AKA; "Hunter Jim"
b.14 April 1806
Elizabeth "Betsy" EVERINGHAM
m.8 Jan 1829 Ontario.
Bassnett DELL
children: DELL
  1. James (b.24 Jan 1830 d.1903)
  2. Hiram (b.1831 d.1858)
  3. Burroughs (b.1833 d.1854)
  4. Basnet (b.1840 d.1844)
  5. Adoram (b.1844 d.1911)

    Children above from Everingham family records & Dell Book.

siblings: DELL
  1. Henry (b.1784)
  2. Martin (b.1786)
  3. Peter William (b.1791)
  4. Margaret Peggy (b.~1794)
  5. Edward (b.1795)
  6. Adoram (b.1796)
  7. Chloe (b.1800)
  8. Barnabas (b.1805)
  9. Bassnett (b.1807)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Genealogy records of Linda (Dell) Donaldson, Sent; Sept 2002.
2Dell Family History by George Nunamaker

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