occ; Farmer
b.~1814 Cumberland Co., NJ 2,5
died 27 August 18865
Margaret SWING (b.~1816)
married Mar 15 1836
(fairton), Cumberland, NJ
James EVERINGHAM (b.1785)3,4
m.1811 Cumberland, NJ4
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. James F (b.~1840)
  2. Michael Swing (b.~1842)
  3. William H. (b.~1845)
  4. Thomas W. (b.~1847)
  5. George W. (b.~1847)
  6. Susannah (b.late 1849)
  7. Hannah D. (b.~1852)
  8. Albert B.P. (b.1854)
2children's birth dates estimated from the area census data.

Jeremiah's sibling (brothers):
  1. James (b.?)
  2. Alfred F. (b.1816)
  3. Thomas S. (b.1821)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Jeremiah is listed as a farmer in the 1850, Salem Co, NJ Census

1Judy Mallchok (Oregon, USA)
21850, Salem Co, NJ Census
31830 Cumberland NJ Census (Evenham)
4Info from search ordered Cumberland NJ from Ann J. Everingham

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2011, updated 2016
1860 U.S. CENSUS Fairfield twp., Cumberland, NJ (Page 101 & 102, July 17, 1860, family #811).. "Jeremiah Everingham 45, farmer,.. Margt Everingham, 44,.. Michael S. Everingham 16,.. William H. Everingham 15,.. Tho W. Everingham 12,.. Geo. W. Everingham 12,.. Susanna Everingham 10,.. Hannah D. Everingham 8,.. Albert B. Everingham 5,.. Susana Swing 75 "likely Margaret's mother",.. Anna Smith 25."

1865 STATE CENSUS Bridgeton, Cumberland County, NJ (Ward 3).. "Jeremiah W. Everingham,.. Margaret Everingham,.. James Everingham,.. Michael S. Everingham,.. William H. Everingham,.. Thos W. Everingham,.. Geo W. Everingham,.. Susanna A. Everingham,.. Hannah D. Everingham,.. Albert B P Everingham."

1870 U.S. CENSUS Millville, Cumberland, NJ (June 18, 1870, Page 23, family #169).. "Jerey Everingham 54, farming, b.NJ,.. Margaret, 53,.. Thomas 23, tracker,.. Susanna 19,.. Albert 15."

1880 U.S. CENSUS Millville, Cumberland, NJ (Sheet 466C) "Richard Lutes 31,.. Susanna Lutes 30, wife,.. Sarah M. Lutes 7, daughter,.. Roland Lutes 4, son,.. Jeremiah Everingham 64, father-in-law,.. Frank Lutes 18, brother."

1885 STATE CENSUS Millville, Ward 3, Cumberland, NJ (family #132, Page 23) .. Richard Lutes,.. Susanna Lutes,.. May Lutes,.. Warren Lutes,.. Jeremiah W. Everingham "father-in-law"

51886 Death Cert:
Jeremiah W. Everingham, 72, carpenter, born, Fairfeild, Cumb. Co., NJ, died 27 August 1886 of valvular heart disease. Parents James Everingham, born USA, Hannah Everingham, born Cumb. Co., NJ. Death occurred at last residence, 123 Broad St., Millville. Burial at Fairton (Swings) Cemetery. Undertaker T.S. Simmons Bros, Millville.

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