William H. EVERINGHAM b.1845 Cumberland, NJ 2
d.12 Mar 1885 Fairfield, Cumberland, NJ
Sarah "Sally" ROBINSON, 18654
b.April 1844 NJ, d/o John W. ROBINSON
Jeremiah W. EVERINGHAM b.~1814
Margaret SWING b.~1816
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Rachel A. (b.1867)1,3,4
  2. John Robinson (b.1869)1,3,4
  3. Jeremiah W. (b.1871)1,4
  4. Jennie Jane N. (b.28 Jan 1875)
  5. Stella Swing (b.July 1878)1,4
  6. Susan
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. James F (b.~1840)
  2. Michael Swing (b.~1842)
  3. Thomas W. (b.~1847)
  4. George W. (b.~1847)
  5. Susannah (b.late 1849)
  6. Hannah D. (b.~1852)
  7. Albert B.P. (b.1854)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Judy Mallchok (Oregon, USA)
21850, Salem Co, NJ Census
31900 Philladelphia PA Census
4Info from Ann J. Everingham from 1830, 1870 & 1880 Cumberland, NJ Census, 1850 Salem Co, NJ Census, 1900 PA Census, Notes from Ann;
"I set out to (prove) that the above John R. was the John R. in the 1900 Philadelphia Census with wife Annie and children John, b. 1894, Thompson H., b. 1895 & Anna, b. 1898. My (proof) went this way - The only surviving John of the 1870 Census was John R., son of William & Sarah. Virginia Everham's John W., b. 1869 (son of Thomas) never appeared on the 1870 Census. John (son of Furman) b. 1869 died in 1870. In my (scientific mind) this works. Preponderance of the evidence?"

Research of Kevin Everingham 2012;
1875 Cumberland County Birth Record Page 235, #70... Jennie Eberingham, female, b.28 January 1875 at Cedarville, Fairfield Township, Cumberland, New Jersey.... parents; William & Sarah Eberingham.

1880 CENSUS Cedarville, Cumberland, NJ (page 257D #1875)... William Everingham 34,.. Sarah E. Everingham 37,.. Rachel A. Everingham 13,.. John R. Everingham 11,.. Jeremiah W. Everingham 9,.. Jane N. Everingham 5,.. Stella S. Everingham 1,.. John W. Robinson 68, father-in-law.

1885 STATE CENSUS Fairfield, Cumberland, NJ (pg 43, family #296) ... William Everingham,.. Sallie Everingham,.. Rachel Everingham,.. John Everingham,.. Jeremiah Everingham,.. Jennie Everingham,.. Stella Everingham,.. Susie Everingham,.. John Robinson.

1885 Cumberland, NJ Death Record (vol.18, #160)... Wm. H. Everingham, male, married, farmer, age 39, born in U.S., died 12 March 1885 at Fairfield, Cumberland, New Jersey.

1900 CENSUS Center Township, Precincts 6-7, Indianapois city ward 7, Marion, Indiana (Page 1B, family #20) ... Tunis Tilley 48 b.CAN,.. Rachel Tilley 34, b.NJ,.. Clarence Tilley 2, b.IN,.. Sally Everingham 56, b.April 1844 NJ, widowed, mother-in-law,.. Will Tarleton 24, b.MS, boarder.

1910 CENSUS Elwood Ward 2, Madison, Indiana (page 17, family #427) .. .Carrol C. Cotton 44, b.IN,.. Stella E. Cotton 31, b.NJ, wife,.. Perry E. Cotton 2, b.IN,.. Elbert C. Cotton, 0, b.IN,.. Sarah Everingham 68, b.NJ, widowed, mother-in-law,.. Winona Lord 15, b.IN.

1920 CENSUS Marion County, Indiana (sheet 6) ... Ray A. Tilley, 52, b.NJ, widowed,.. Clarence D. Tilley 21, b.IN, son,... Sallie E. Everingham, 77, b.NJ, widowed, mother,.. Malind Bierley 60, b.OH

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