Sarah MORGAN b.4 June 1838 New York
d.28 June 1920 Lansing, Ingham, MI
Matthew BLACK (b.1838 NJ)
married April 9, 1853 NY
John MORGAN (b.~1815 NY)
& Amy PARLIAMENT (b.~1821 NJ)
children: BLACK
  1. Margaret (b.Sept 1854) "Hewett"
  2. John W. (b.Oct 1856)
  3. Mary Esther (b.~1857) "Watkins"
  4. Gloria "Chloe" Estella (b.~1861) "Lepior"
  5. William Harley (b.1863 d.1899)
  6. David (b.~1866)
  7. Francis "Frank" (b.~1868)
  8. Ella Jane (b.May 1870)
  9. Frederick (b.April 1872)
  10. Mark (b.Aug 1874)
  11. Daisy M. (b.~ 1877)
  12. Lulu Ann (b.~1879) "Barnard"
  13. Elmira (b.Sept. 1881) "Moore"
  14. Olive F. (b.~1891) "Winik/Kutzke"
siblings: MORGAN
  1. William (b.~1842)
  2. Elizabeth (b.1845)
  3. Mary (b.1848)
  4. Margaret (b.1850)
  5. Catherine (b.~1853)
  6. Joseph (b.~1854)
  7. Amy (b.~1859)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Information here based on the research of Kevin Everingham of Michigan
and the research of Scott Ives of MN.
Sarah was 12 years old in the 1850 NY CENSUS. Not listed with her parents in the 1860 CENSUS of Michigan, since she would have been 22 years old, she may have been married by then (see 1860 Census).

1860 CENSUS, Olive, Clinton Co. MI - Census Page 212
dwelling 1679, family 1516, Mathew Black 25, farmer born in NJ, Sarah 21, b.NJ, Margaret 5 b.NY, John 3 b.MI, Mary E. 1 b.MI.

1870 CENSUS, Clinton Co. MI... "Matthew Black 37, b.NJ,.. Sarah 32, b.NY,.. Margaret 15, b.NY,.. John W. 13, b.MI,.. Mary E 11, b.MI,.. Chloe E. 9, b.MI,.. Harley 7, .b.MI,.. David 5, b.MI,.. Francis 3, b.MI,.. Ella J. baby, b.MI. "

1880 CENSUS, Olive, Clinton Co. MI
Matthew Black 46, b. NJ, parents born in NJ, Sarah 42, born in NY + children: William, david, frank, ella, fredrick, mark (or Mary?), daisy, lou.

1900 CENSUS Olive Twp, Clinton, MI "Matthew Black 76, b.NJ,.. Sarah Black 62, b.NY,.. Lulu Barnard 22, b.MI, dau,.. Harry Barnard 20, b.MI, son-in-law,.. Fredrick Black 28, b.MI, son." of note here... in this census Sarah claims to be the mother of 13 children, 12 of those still living. So it is possible that I have mis-information on the last child "Olive"... One of Olive's marriage records show her born about 1891 but her death record in 1936 shows her born in June of 1876, very close to Daisy's DOB. (possibly the same person?) Another clue; the 1920 Census Olive D. is married and her mother is living with Olive's PRICE husband. Is Olive's middle initial D for Daisey? It looks like Olive was married at least 3 times. SO... if I accept that Daisy and Olive are the same person, then the 1900 census saying 13 children fits perfectly.
1910 CENSUS Olive, Clinton, MI... "Mathew Black 75, b.NJ,.. Sarah Black, 71, b.NY."
1920 CENSUS Summit, Jackson County, MI... "Edson M. Price 44, b.IA,.. Olive D. Price 43, b.MI, wife,.. Harold J. Scudder 17, stepson,.. Fordney Scudder 15, stepson,.. Edison Scudder 10, stepson, Sarah Black 81, b.NY, mother-in-law."

Wilsey Cemetery, Olive Twp., Clinton, MI:
Wm H. Black (1863-1899)
Sarah Black (b.1838 - )
Matthew Black (b.1834 - )

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