occ: coal miner, farmer
b.March 1815 Orange, New York
d.27 Oct 1899 DeWitt, Clinton Co, MI
Reed Cemetery, Clinton Co, MI
Amy PARLIAMENT (1821-1894)
daughter of William & Mary Parliament
parents: (from John's death cert)
John MORGAN of NY State
Betsey SMITH of Vermont
children: MORGAN
  1. Sarah (b.~1838)
  2. William (b.~1842)
  3. Elizabeth (b.1845)
  4. Mary (b.1848)
  5. Margaret (b.1850)
  6. Catherine (b.~1853)
  7. Joseph (b.~1854)
  8. Amy (b.~1859)
any others unknown
siblings: MORGAN
    currently unknown

    see parent's link for possibilities

fact sources and writings about this individual:

Information here based on the research of Kevin Everingham of Michigan
and the research of Scott Ives of MN.

Kevin's research in Clinton Co., MI, 2009, uncovered these death certificates:
Clinton County Michigan Death Record - Book 2, #6562 - Amy Morgan
married woman, age 73, born in New Jersey, died at Victor township, Clinton Co. MI of Gall Stones on July 15, 1894. Recorded June 1, 1895.

Clinton County Michigan Death Record - Book 3, #8006 - John Morgan
widower, retired farmer, born in New York, died at DeWitt, Clinton, MI, 84 years, 7 months old, died on Oct 27, 1899. Son of John Morgan of NY and Betsey Smith of Vermont. Recorded Nov 4, 1899.

1840 CENSUS Hardisten Township, Sussex county, New Jersey (Page 43).. John Morgan, 1 m, age 20-30, 1 f,age 15-19, 1 f <5. (this fits with John & Amy and first child).
Hardisten, NJ is very close to Orange County, New York (20 miles or less) where they lived in 1850. Also in 1840, same page as CENSUS above, is a Samuel Morgan age 20-30 and a David Parliament age 30-40.
Thanks to Scott Ives
for the following 1850 & 1860 Census data:

1850 CENSUS Warwick, Orange County, New York
John Morgan, 35, occupation; colier, Amy Morgan 29, Sarah M. Morgan 12, Wm. Morgan 8, Elizabeth Morgan 5, Mary Morgan 2.,... Elizabeth Burns 18,.. Mary Vanzile 12,.. Sarah Vanzile 9 ... all born in NYspelling of these last 3 ladies is not absolute but they are clearly listed in the same household as the Morgans. (see census image link above) Also of interest; A Mary Ann Vanzile, b.abt 1839 Orange county, NY, died in 1876 in Brooklyn, NY according to Kings County municipal death records (this may or may not be the same Mary from this 1850 census.)

1855 STATE CENSUS Warwick, Orange County, NY (June 1855, house #252).. ."John Morgan 40, colier,.. Amy Morgan 34,.. Wm. Morgan 12,.. Elizabeth Morgan 9,.. Mary Morgan 6,.. Margaret Morgan 4,.. Catharine Morgan 2,.. Ann Conklin 14, hired hand." Joseph is not here in 1855 so was likely born later this same year and not 1854 like family Bible's show. John and Amy also recorded that they had lived in this same city or town for 7 years, and both report being born in Orange County, NY. 2 Pages away in this same Census is; (house #271).. "Daniel Morgan 26, b.NJ,.. Mary Morgan 21, b.NJ, Mary J. Morgan 1, b.NJ."

1860 CENSUS Victor, Clinton County, MI (July 27, 1860, Page 225, family 1682)
John Morgan 45, farmer born in NY, Amy 39, b.NJ, William 18 NY, Betsy 15 NY, Mary 12 NY, Margaret 9 NY, Catherine 7 NY, Joseph 5 NY, Amy 1 MI.

1870 CENSUS Victor, Clinton County, MI
John Morgan age 55 farmer, born NY, Amy 49, keeping house, b.NJ, Catherine 17, b.NY, Joseph 14, farming, b.NY, Amy 10, attending school, b.MI.

1880 CENSUS Victor, Clinton, MI (Sheet 517A, house#178).. "John Morgan 65, b.NY,.. Amy Morgan 59, b.NY, wife,.. Mortimer Ives 16, b.MI, grandson." .. (house #182) is son.. "Joseph Morgan 24, b.NY,.. Sarah 20, wife, b.MI,.. Laura 1, b.MI"

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