Mary MORGAN b.4 Sept 1848 Orange County, NY
d.13 Dec 1929 Emmet County, MI
Martin FITZ (b.~1839 NY)
Smith HALL (b.~1846 NY)
m.26 Jun 1875 DeWitt, Clinton Co. MI
John MORGAN (b.~1815 NY)
& Amy PARLIAMENT (b.~1821 NJ)
children: FITZ & HALL
  1. Theran FITZ (b.~1866)

  2. Howard S. HALL (b.1877 d.1936)

  3. Marvel Margaret HALL (b.~1894)
siblings: MORGAN
  1. Sarah (b.~1838)
  2. William (b.~1842)
  3. Elizabeth (b.1845)
  4. Margaret (b.1850)
  5. Catherine (b.~1853)
  6. Joseph (b.~1854)
  7. Amy (b.~1859)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Information here based on the research of Kevin Everingham of Michigan
and the research of Scott Ives of MN.
Some of this family line is speculation, not yet proven.

HALL is a very large family in Clinton County, MI in the mid 1800's.

1850 CENSUS Warwick, Orange County, New York
John Morgan, 35, colier, Amy Morgan 29, Sarah M. 12, Wm. 8, Elizabeth 5, Mary 2.

1860 CENSUS Victor, Clinton County, MI
John Morgan 45, farmer born in NY, Amy 39, b.NJ, William 18 NY, Betsy 15 NY, Mary 12 NY, Margaret 9 NY, Catherine 7 NY, Joseph 5 NY, Amy 1 MI.

1870 US CENSUS Victor Twp, Clinton, MI (Page 2, June 20, 1870)..."Martin Fitz 29, b.NY,.. Mary Fitz 21, b.NY,.. Theran Fitz 4, b.MI"

1875 Clinton County Marriage Record (Vol 1, pg.216) .. "Smith Hall 29, b.Orange County, NY & Mrs. Mary Morgan Fitz 26, b. Orange County, NY... married 26 June 1875 in DeWitt, Clinton, MI."

1880 US CENSUS Bingham, Clinton, MI (Sheet 283C, House #7387068)..."Smith Hall 34, b.NY,.. Mary Hall 31, b.NY,.. Howard S. Hall 2, b.MI."

1900 US CENSUS Allis twp., Onaway, Presque Isle, MI (Sheet 16B House #323)..."Smith Hall 55, b.NY,.. Mary Hall 52, b.NY, wife, mother of 3 children, 3 living,.. Howard L. Hall 24, b.MI,.. Marvel M. Hall 6 b.MI,.. Theran L. Fitz 36, b.MI, boarder,.. Newton A. Austin 39, b.MI, boarder." strange note; in 1900 Marvel is listed as son of Smith Hall, parents born in NY... in 1910, Marvel is listed as adopted daughter of Smith Hall, father born in VT. obviously by the 1920 Census, Marvel was a female. 1900 census must have recorded it wrong.

1910 US CENSUS White Pigeon, St. Joseph, MI (Sheet 5A, house #106)..."Smith Hall 64, b.NY,.. Mary Hall, 61, b.NY,.. Marvel M. Hall 15, b.MI, adopted daughter."

1914 Emmet County Marriage Record (Vol 2, pg.147)..."Allen C. Stone 22, b.OH s/o Adin Stone & Frances Carlyle... married 24 June 1914 at Alanson, Emmet County, MI,.. to; Marvel Hall 19, b.MI, d/o Smith & Mary Hall."

1920 US CENSUS Nunda, Cheboygan County, MI (Sheet 1B, house #15).. "Allen C. Stone 26, b.OH,.. Marvel M. Stone 25, b.MI, wife,.. Marjorie I. Stone 4, b.MI dau,.. Robert A. Stone 3, b.MI, son,.. Wayne C. Stone 1, b.MI, son,.. Evelyn R. Stone, b.MI, infant dau,.. Smith Hall 74, b.NY, fa-in-law,.. Mary Hall 71, b.NY, mo-in-law."

Death Record B51845-9, Brutus, Emmet County, MI ,.. Mary Hall, d.13 Dec 1929 age 81, born abt 1848, NY, widowed, d/o John Morgan b.NY & Amy Parliment b.Eng
Death Certificate #1054 Microfilm ... Mary Hall, death 13 Dec 1929 at Maple River, Emmet, Michigan, age 81, widowed, born 4 Sept 1848 in Orange, New York, d/o John Morgan & Amy Parliament

1936 Emmet County Death record.. "Howard Hall 58, s/o Smith Hall & Mary Morgan, b.15 June 1877 MI, married, died 7 January 1936 at Maple River, Emmet County, MI."

according to the research of Scott Ives (2017)...
"Marvel married Allen Chancy Stone on 24 Jun 1914 at Alanson, Emmet MI, died 17 Jul 1941 at Saginaw, Saginaw MI. Her death certificate names her parents as Joseph and Isabel (___) Norton. The death record gives date of birth as 12 Sep 1894 at DeWitt, Clinton MI. A Margaret Norton was born 12 Sep 1894 at DeWitt, daughter of Joseph and Isabel Norton, so it appears Marvel's middle initial M is for Margaret. Isabel Norton died at age 45 years on 8 Apr 1895 and she is buried at DeWitt City Cemetery. Isabel's (or Isabella's) maiden name was Bennett, daughter of Elisha and Ruth (___) Bennett. She and Joseph Norton married on 19 Dec 1868 possibly in Ingham Co., the marriage record difficult to read. Marvel married Allen Stone as Marvel Hall, her parents named as Smith and Mary Hall in the marriage ledger."

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