Rex Lyle PLATTE b.4 May 1946?
Patsy E. ELY
Richard B. PLATTE (b.1921)
Muriel HALE (b.1923)
children: PLATTE
    child prior to marriage:
  1. Darren TRIM 2
    childen w/Patsy:
  2. Lesleigh
  3. Jason R.
siblings: PLATTE
  1. Ronald Lee
  2. Claudette Ann (b.21 Aug 1948)
  3. Raymond Lewis
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Rex Platte
Rex Platte
about teen age.
2Rex and son "Darrin" did not know about each other until Darrin was abt 20.

see the PLATTE
Group Photos
1973 & 1994

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