b.abt 1703 Chestnut Brook, Upper Freehold, Monmouth County, NJ
Hanna "Anna" PACK
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Jeremiah (b.1720s?)
  2. William (died 1793)
  3. Thomas (died 1810)
  4. Nathaniel (died 1810)
  5. Joseph (b.~1729) m. Mary Vaughn
  6. Judith

siblings: ROBINS

  1. Anna (b.~1693)
  2. Joseph (b.~1696)
  3. Frances (b.~1697)
  4. Nathaniel (b.~1699)
  5. Bethia (b.~1701)
  6. Jacob (b.~1705)
  7. Charity (b.~1706)

research of Kevin Everingham, 2013-
fact sources and writings about this individual

(The same Rachel?)...A Rachel Robins (b.1703) was the daughter of Joseph & Hannah Robins and was born in Freehold Monmouth. She had a brother named Jacob Robins b.1705... I believe this is the right Rachel. She also had a brother named "Nathaniel". His daughter Sara Robins married Cornelius Everingham in 1728. Cornelius and Henry Everingham are believed to be brothers.

Will of Joseph Robins "probable brother of Rachel"... d. 18 Nov 1754... Executor: John NATION "brother-in-law", wife and Executrix; Elenor.. Witnesses: AJ Smith, Ch NATION, Richard Robins. according to several on-line records, Bethia Robins married John Nation. Joseph Robins married Eleanor Nation.

Further information from Sara Robbins Hoffman, May 2008;
Research indicates Sarah may be but not proven to be the daughter of Nathaniel Robins who had twin daughters Sarah & Meribah. Orphaned as young children, their grandfather Daniel Robins asked his son Daniel Jr., to act as their guardian in 1714.

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