Thomas EVERINGHAM b.early 1700's

Jane later married:
James McCABE
Henry EVERINGHAM (b.early 1700s)
children: EVERINGHAM
  • William 3
  • John3
  • Thomas 4
  • siblings:
    1. Jeremiah (b.1720s?)
    2. William (died 1793)
    3. Nathaniel (died 1810)
    4. Joseph
    5. Judith

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    generations in America
    fact sources and writings about this individual:

    1much of the info on this line provided by Ann J. Everingham.

    Thomas, and his brother fought in the Revolutionary War against the british.

    3After Thomas' death in 1810 his wife, Jane Hulit Everingham, re-married to a James McCabe. In a letter from James McCabe dated Feb 20, 1819 he mentions "your step-mother and her son William Everingham and his brother John who moved to Genessee County NY".

    Info from Bill Malkin, 2000:
    "Have pondered over the info you sent and do think that the Thomas Everingham and wife Jane who deeded land to George Hulit on April 1, 1803 is the same Thomas Evernham of East Windsor, Middlesex County whose estate was inventoried on Dec 8, 1810. (Calendar of Wills 1810-1813). This inventory includes obligation against George Hulit. there may be more papers concerning the "obligation" in Middlesex County to widow Jane Everingham or perhaps to Jane McCabe. We know that James McCabe and his wife Jane were both alive on 20 Feb 1819 when James McCabe wrote to Zedekiah South and speaks of "your step-mother and I" In the letter from James McCabe he mentions your step-mother and her son, William Everingham and his brother, John who moved to Genessee County, NY".

    4SPECULATION: (Tom Phillips, 2006) No absolute proof but it is believed that Thomas (link above) is the son of Thomas & Jane. Records have indicated that Thomas was known as Thomas Everingham Junior. While this does not definitively tie him into the H&R1 Family line the other coincidences (i.e geographic location, 1st daughter named Jane, 1st son was named ASA; probably after ASA Kitchell father of Tryphena who married Enoch Everingham (FL6). I can convince most observers that Thomas was the son of Thomas & Jane Hulit Everingham and another grandson of Henry & Rebecca Everingham.
    This would mean that Thomas Everingham & Jane Hulit had more than the two sons (William & John "who went to Genneessee County NY" ) that were listed in a letter dated 1819 from Jane's new husband, James McCabe. Jane Hulit Evernham McCabe ended up living right next door to George & Lucy Evernham according to the 1840 Census for Mercer County NJ.

    Records below transcribed by Kevin Everingham of MI
    Early Monmouth, New Jersey A History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, by Edwin Salter, 1890,.. "(pg.131, Soldiers of the Revolution) officers and privates of Old Monmouth as stated in General Stryker's reports... (pg.140) from Monmouth; John Everingham, Nathaniel Everingham, Thomas Everingham.... back of this book is the Genealogical Record of the first settlers of Monmouth and Ocean Counties which lists; Everingham - Thomas and Henry were among tax payers in Upper Freehold, 1731, and William and Joseph Everingham in 1758. In what is now Ocean county, Everingham's saw mill, 1750, on the north branch of Toms River or Pine Brook is frequently referred to. "

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