Revolutionary War Patriot
b.early 1700's
d. abt. 1810 Butler Co., Ohio
Rachel ______? maiden name unknown
Henry EVERINGHAM (b.early 1700s)
children: EVERINGHAM

  1. Lucy (married Jorge Hall)
  2. Eady (married Mr. Otman)
  1. Jeremiah (b.1720s?)
  2. William (died 1793)
  3. Thomas (died 1810)
  4. Joseph
  5. Judith

fact sources and writings about this individual:
Nathaniel's Will
will of Nathaniel

1much of the info on this line provided by Ann J. Everingham

Nathaniel, and his brother fought in the Revolutionary War against the british.

Also see: The first 2
generations in America

Other Research of Kevin Everingham 2009:
1776 "Army History of Monmouth County, New Jersey by Ellis"... lists Nathaniel Everingham as an American Soldier.
"History of Monmouth & Ocean Counties" by Salter 1890, (Page 140)... soldiers of Monmouth County, NJ, lists "Nathaniel Everingham" as a soldier.

1796 The WILL of Robert Taylor of Monmouth, NJ dated Oct 24, 1796, proved April 25, 1797.... "Nathaniel Everingham & Robert Wilson & William Lawyer are witnesses. Nathaniel Everingham & Robert Wilson are fellow bondsmen to bond posted by Sarah Taylor, administratrix. Inventory done by Joseph Lawrence Nov 22, 1796.

1807 CENSUS of Butler County, Ohio..This independent county census was discovered in 1962 by Esther Benzing, a Butler County Archivist. This census return came only 4 years after Ohio became a State and preceeds any other State or Federal Census of Ohio. "Nathaniel Everingham, 1, Lemon Township."

Early Monmouth, New Jersey A History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, by Edwin Salter, 1890,.. "(pg.131, Soldiers of the Revolution) officers and privates of Old Monmouth as stated in General Stryker's reports... (pg.140) from Monmouth; John Everingham, Nathaniel Everingham, Thomas Everingham.... back of this book is the Genealogical Record of the first settlers of Monmouth and Ocean Counties which lists; Everingham - Thomas and Henry were among tax payers in Upper Freehold, 1731, and William and Joseph Everingham in 1758. In what is now Ocean county, Everingham's saw mill, 1750, on the north branch of Toms River or Pine Brook is frequently referred to. "

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