Leora Marie MORGAN
b.16 Sep 1878 DeWitt, Clinton County, MI1
died in a forest fire Aug 10, 1923 3,4
Ralph WREGGLESWORTH (b.1877)
m. June 13, 1900, Owosso, MI2
After Leora's death in 1923, Ralph married Mamie Henspeter in 1930
Joseph MORGAN (b.1854)
Sarah FARNHAM (b.1860)
  1. Edna Eleanor (b.1901)
  2. William Joseph (b.1903)
  3. John Henry (b.1905)
  4. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1907)
  5. Cecil Robert (b.1909)
  6. Mildred Marguerite (b.1911)
  7. Albert Gail (b.1913)
  8. George Richard (b.1915)
  9. Ralph William (b.1918 d.1918)
siblings: MORGAN
  1. William Joseph (b.1882)
  2. John (1880-1950)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
much of the Wregglesworth family information from Leota "Boots" Wregglesworth of Onaway, MI 2001. Photo (right) of Leora from Bill Milligan, 2008.

1Clinton County MI Birth Certificate #6462 - Lora Morgan, b.16 Sep 1878, Female, whte, legit, born in Dewitt, Recorded June 4, 1879, Fa: Joseph Morgan (b.NY), mo: Sarah Morgan (b.MI) of DeWitt.

1900 CENSUS Bennington Twp. Shiawassee, MI ... Joseph Morgan, b.Aug 1854 NY, parents b.NY, married,... Sarah, b.Dec 1860 MI, wife, parents b.NY, married 24 yrs, mother of 4, 3 living,... Laura, b.Sept 1878 MI, daughter, single,... John, b.Oct 1880 MI, son,... William, b.June 1882 MI, son.

1900 Shiawasee County Marriage Record #4125
Date of License: May 11, 1900, Ralph Wrigglesworth (21) of Caledonia, son of J. Wrigglesworth, & Leora Morgan (21) of Birmington daughter of J. Morgan. Date of Marriage: June 13, 1900, Owosso, MI. Witness: Sarah A. Squires & W. Howard Squires of Owosso, MI

1910 US CENSUS Owosso, Shiawassee, MI (Sheet 8A, house 173)..."Ralph 31,.. Leora 32,.. Elnora 9,.. William 7,.. John 5,.. Sarah 3,.. Cecil, infant. (all born in MI)"

1920 US CENSUS Owosso, Shiawassee, MI (Sheet 8A, house #174)... "Ralph Weggelsworth 41, b.MI,.. Leora 42, b.MI,.. William 17, b.MI,.. John 15, b.MI,.. Sadie 13, b.MI,.. Cecil 10, b.MI,.. Mildred 8, b.MI,.. Gale 6, b.MI,.. George 4, b.MI."

3August 10, 1923 FOREST FIRES AT TOWER -- ONE DEAD, Fires have been raging around Tower for the past week. Friday it took some heroic fighting to keep the fire from destroying the houses on the John Burnard place. During the excitement Mrs. Ralph Wregglesworth became exhausted and fainted. She was found by some of the fire fighters and brought down the hill to Joe Bernia's house. Dr. McMillan was called but all efforts to revive her were of no avail as she never regained consciousness. She is survived by her husband and eight children. They had moved here from Owosso only 18 days before and were planning on buying the James Pollard farm.
4Onaway Newspaper, August 10, 1923 - Mrs. Ralph Wrigglesworth died Friday, August 10, the remains were taken to Owosso Sunday for burial. The Wrigglesworth family came here from Owosso only 3 weeks ago last Saturday.

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