Middlesex, NJ
Research of the occurance of:
of Middlesex County, New Jersey
1850 or earlier
Research of Kevin Everingham, 2006

Immediately North of Monmouth County is Middlesex County, NJ. It was formed in 1675, one of the original 4 counties in East Jersey. Not surprising, Everinghams seemed to have lived here also. In Septempber of 1767, a Charity Everingham married Cornelius Rowe. In 1802, Benjamin, John, Thomas & Thomas Everingham Jr. appear on Tax lists for E. Windsor Township in Middlesex County. Later, in 1807, Ann Everingham married Thomas Franch "French?" here and a Sarah Everingham married John Dillen. (I have no idea who they are).
Henry EVERNHAM / EVERINGHAM was born about 1764 and died 1841 in New Jersey. He lived in Middlesex County, New Jersey and is discussed, not by name but as a "Grandfather" of George Everingham, who was also a Smith & Wheelwright in the area... this comes from the book; Fare to Midlands, 1939. (see notes below)

any research documentation prior to 1850 would be appreciated! (contact this site)

Early Marriage Records;
  • Everingham, Charity - 28 Sept. 1767 - Rowe, Cornelius
    Colonial History of New Jersey Vol.22 "Groom from Middlesex Co. NJ."
  • Everingham, Ann - 24 Jan., 1807 - Franch, Thomas (French?)
    County Clerk Records Microfilm 0851752-0849560
  • Everingham, Sarah - 21 March, 1807 - Dillen, John
    County Clerk Records on Microfilm 0851752-0849560
  • Everingham, Sarah - 2 January, 1825 - Vanderhoof, Samuel D.
    County Clerk Records Microfilm 0851752-0849560
    1850 CENSUS

    Monroe Twp. Middlesex, New Jersey

  • (family #135) Clayton EVERNHAM 40, b.NJ,... Ann E. Evernham 34, b.NJ,... Charles Evernham 7, b.NJ.
  • (home #192) William EVERNHAM 49, wheelright, b.NJ,... Mary Evernham 44, b.NJ,... James Evernham 19, b.NJ,... Margaret Evernham 17, b.NJ
  • (home #193) Elison EVERNHAM 33, b.NJ,.. Sarah Mariah 26, b.NJ.
  • (home #195) James & Jane DEY and children.

    Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey;

  • (family #652) Joseph D. EVINGHAM 63,.. Louisa W. 52,.. Hellen W. 21,..Anna 19,.. Mary 14,.. & Ann Best 18.

    North Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey;

  • (family #1503) Living with Charles & Mary Disbrow is; Cath E. EVINGHAM 18 & Almira EVINGHAM 16.

    Book Reference;
    "Fare to Midlands" by Henry Charlton Beck 1939. The book mentions; George, William & Ellison Everingham and several Dey's. In the book and marriage record, the name is given as Ellison Everingham... census data records the name as "Evernham" The book interviews George Everingham who says about his family; "George Everingham, whos father and grandfather were smiths & wheelwrights before him at the crossroads at Red Tavern (Applegarth)..." and also says: --- "William & Ellison Everingham owned wheelwright shops. I believe it's probable that this William mentioned is a son of Henry Evernham (b.1764).

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