(Everingham's who have served in WWI)

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Serice during WWI:
WORLD WAR I (1910-1918)

Rev Ernest Emerson Everingham (b.1890)
Attestation March 31, 1916. (x)
John Lester Everngam (b.1893 PA) Awarded "Purple Heart".
Howard B. Everingham (b.1887 NJ) 3rd Reg..? N.J.
Howard C. Everingham (b.1891 NJ) 309th Infantry, 78th Div.
Abram Oliver Everingham (b.1893 ONT) #2 Field Ambulance Driver, Canadian Expeditionary Force. Attestation Sept 23, 1914. (x)
Albert Eastman Everingham (b.14 Sept 1895 ONT) Canadian Expeditionary Forces. Attestation June 15, 1915. (x)
Andrew Gordon Everingham (b.27 June 1885) "bugler" - 23rd Regiment, Northern Pioneers for 3 years,& Canadian Expeditionary Forces WWI. Attestation Feb 22, 1916. (x)
Cecil Lawrence Everingham (b.22 May 1896 ONT) (x) 2nd Batln., 2nd Regiment, Drafted into service at Brantford, Ontario May 10, 1918.
Earl Everingham (b.21 Apr 1899 ONT) son of Alexander Everingham of Sarnia, Drafted into service, April 2, 1918.
Jonathan Leslie Everingham (b.1900 ONT) 208th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Forces. Attestation June 6, 1916. (x)
John Edward Everingham (b.1893 ONT) 25th Regiment, Co.CZF Canadian Expeditionary Force. Attestation May 24, 1917. (x)
Lloyd Cecil Everingham (b.5 Dec 1897 NY) "Cook", Canadian Expeditionary Forces WWI. Attestation Feb 18, 1916. (x)
Welden Bruce Everingham of Fort Erie, Ontario (b.31 Dec, 1897) son of Hattie Eleanor Everingham. Depot Artillery Brigade, Canadian Forces.
Harry Walter Everingham of DE (b.15 Dec 1879) "father lived in Milan OH"
Harold Everingham of OH Enlisted age 18, US Army - April 19, 1917
4th Co. Coast Artillery, Jefferson MO Discharged June 11, 1917
Corp. Harry C. Everingham (b.abt 1896) Enlisted National Army May 28, 1918 Sniper, Prisoner of War Escort, Expeditionary Forces 1918, Honorable Ohio discharge Sept 5, 1919, certified 100% disabled.
Corp. Lee F. Evringham (1889-1962) Co.B 314 NF 79th Div.
William Albert Everingham (b.1886 ONT) of Toronto, served in the C.A.M.C Militia (5 years), 23rd N.Pioneers (2 yrs) & Canadian Expeditionary Forces WWI. Attestation Sept 3, 1915. (x)

2nd. Lieut. Guy Everingham, aged 22 who had been born at Barry, Glamorgan, South Wales, was living in Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire, North Wales, when he joined the service. On April 8th 1917 he was out on a photographic mission taking pictures of the village of Farbus when he became the Red Baron’s 39th victim & was shot down

Peace Time Enlistment?
Pvt. Lewis L. Everingham of OH (b.22 Jul 1894) National Army LB2
Enlisted Aug 26, 1909? or 1919 Columbus Ohio.

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