Charles Allen EVERINGHAM
occupation: "A Butcher, & Stock Dealer"
b.26 Mar 1856, Trimble Illinois2
or b. 19 Aug. 1855 1
d.26 Mar 1892 Robinson, Ill.1,2
"acute Labor Pneumonia" age 36
Mary Elizabeth LACY in 1880
Crawford County, Illinois
(b.6 Apr 1856) (d.5 Feb 1925)1
John EVERINGHAM (b.1814)
Sarah Elizabeth NEWLIN (b.1821)
children: EVERINGHAM
all born Hutsonville, Crawford Co., IL
  1. Bertha J (b.1 June 1881 d.16 Jun 1881)1,2
  2. Alma Jean (b.Sep 1882)1,2
  3. Albert B. (b.27 Oct 1885)1,2 twin
  4. Allen G. (b.27 Oct 1885)1 twin
  5. Laurel "Edith" (b.26 Apr 1888)1
  6. Samuel "Sammie" (b.31 Jan 1891)1,2
    Samuel died in infancy.
  1. Joseph Sylvester (b.1839)
  2. Edward Clark (b.1841)
  3. George Baxter (b.1843)
  4. John Elder (b.1845)
  5. Mary Jane (b.1846)
  6. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1846)
  7. Martha Ellen (b.1849)
  8. Julia Catherine (b.1851)
  9. Tryphena Ann (b.1853)
  10. Nelson Willis (b.1858)
  11. Lee (b.1860)
  12. Dee (b. 1862)
  13. Nancy (b.1865)
marriage photo 1880

----Photo Left: dated before 1890's

Twins Albert B. and Allen G.

fact sources and writings about this individual:

Much of this info from:
1Estella Black
(children info, & parent info)
2Ann J. Everingham
(spouse & birth/death info)

Photo right (circa 1880) "Wedding photo of Charles & Mary Everingham" from David Black March 2000.

Twins photo

1950 Letter from Laurel Edith (Everingham) Moyer about childhood & family in Illinois.

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