Sarah Elizabeth NEWLIN b.16 Jan 1821 in
Hutsonville, Crawford Co. Illinois
d.15 Apr 1878 Crawford Co. Ill1
John A. EVERINGHAM (b.1814)
married: 29 Nov 1837 Crawford, Ill
Nathaniel NEWLIN (b.~1798 NC)1
Elizabeth ELDER (b.1802 NC)1
married 19 Sep 1818 Randolph, North Carolina 2
  1. Joseph Sylvester (b.1839)
  2. Edward Clark (b.1841)
  3. George Baxter (b.1843)
  4. John Elder (b.1845)
  5. Mary Jane (b.1846)
  6. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1846)
  7. Martha Ellen (b.1849)
  8. Julia Catherine (b.1851)
  9. Tryphena Ann (b.1853)
  10. Charles Allen (b.1856)
  11. Nelson William (b.1858)
  12. Lee (b.1860)
  13. Dee (b. 1862)
  14. Nancy (b.1865)
siblings: NEWLIN

  • Martha
fact sources and writings about this individual:
General info on this page from Ann J. Everingham

1Info from Connie Baker 1999
2IGI files (

Extended Family:
GrandParents on "mother's side" --James ELDER (b.1766), Hannah CLARK (b.1779)
GrandParents "father's side" -- John NEWLIN III (b.6 Dec 1752 PA d.1826) Sarah HOLLADAY (b.19 Mar 1758 PA d.1839) They were married 22 Jan 1777.

Aunt's & Uncles: "Mother's siblings"
Mary Elder (b.1800 d.1888), Nancy Elder (b.1804 d.1881), John Elder (b.1808 d.1873), Clark Elder (b.1809/10 d.1844)

1950 Letter from Laurel Edith (Everingham) Moyer about childhood & family in Illinois.
from the letter: ... There was an aunt Matt. (I suppose Martha) Newlin who lived in Robinson, an old maid. The family didn't know she ever had a "boyfriend" until after death they found a packet of love letters and found she had been engaged to an officer in the Civil War and that he had been killed.

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