Lee EVERINGHAM b.24 Jan 1860
d.26 Nov 1873 (13y,10m,2d)
Bur: Palestine Cem, Crawford, Ill
--- parents:
John EVERINGHAM (b.1814)
Sarah Elizabeth NEWLIN

He was a baby in the 1860 CENSUS, and in the 1870 Census in Illinois, he is 8 years old... He died at age 13.

  1. Joseph Sylvester (b.1839)
  2. Edward Clark (b.1841)
  3. George Baxter (b.1843)
  4. John Elder (b.1845)
  5. Mary Jane (b.1846)
  6. Sarah Elizabeth (b.1846)
  7. Martha Ellen (b.1849)
  8. Julia Catherine (b.1851)
  9. Tryphena Ann (b.1853)
  10. Charles Allen (b.1855)
  11. Nelson Willis (b.1858)
  12. Dee (b. 1862)
  13. Nancy (b.1865)
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Birth, Death & Burial information from Connie Baker, 2001.

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