Her and husband operated a Grocery Store.
b.9 May 1829 Lafayette, Onondaga, NY
d.1 Feb 1894 Elkhorn, Onondaga, NY
died at age 64 (obituary)
Franklin WORDEN (b.Jun 1824 NY)
Frank died 29 Jan 1904 Fayetteville.
married abt 1853 NY
Samuel EVERINGHAM (b.1795)
children: WORDEN

  1. William (b.~1859 NY)
  2. Lucia (b.~1861 NY)
  3. Jennie (b.Mar 1864 NY)
  4. Hattie (b.~1872 NY)
  1. Walter (b.1821)
  2. William (b.~1822-25?)
  3. George (b.1822-25)
  4. Charles (b.~1830)
  5. Angelina (b.~1831)
  6. Smith (b.~1833)
  7. James (b.~1834)
  8. John (b.1835)
  9. Chet (b.~1840)
fact sources and writings about this individual: Research of Kevin Everingham, 1999-2003.

NOTE: I had no proof that this was the correct Hannah, but with the family living with the Worden's it seemed very likely that the circumstantial evidence was correct... In 2009 Anna Wells Howell of Fayetteville, NY sent Hannah and Frank's obituaries which gave me proof that this was the correct Hannah.

1850 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (#592) ... Sarah Bradley 47,.. William Evingham 25, teamster,.. Geo Evingham 23, miller,.. Mary A. Evingham 25,.. Hannah Evingham 21,.. Angelina Evingham 19,.. Smith Evingham 17, boatman,.. John Evingham 12,.. Chet Evingham 10,..Orville T. Evingham 2.
Hannah was still single at age 21, but based on the age of "Willie," she must have been married by about 1858.

1860 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 81, Family #577) ... Franklin Worden 35, b.NY,.. Hanah Worden 29, b.NY,.. William Worden 1, b.NY.

1868-1869 Business Directory, town of Manlius, lists; Hannah Worden (Fayetteville), Groceries.
1874 Sweet's New Atlas of Onondaga Co. NY, Walker Bros & Co. 1874, pg.107-108. --- States that F. Worden operated at Grocery Store.

1870 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (family #455) Franklin Worden 45, grocer,.. Hannah 41,.. William 11,.. Lucy 9,.. Jenni 6,... Edward Burns 47,.. James Davis 18,.. John Bellin?? 69 --- 3 homes away from George Everingham's family.

1875 STATE CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 50, fam#141) .. Frank Worden 50, occ: Retail merchant,.. Hannah Worden 46,.. Willie Worden 16,.. Lucia Worden 14,.. Jennie Worden 11,.. Hattie Worden 3,.. Ellen Everingham 22, niece,.. Henry Shephard 25, boarder,.. James Everingham 41, boarder. just speculation, but I believe this is Hannah, daughter of Samuel, probably having her brother James and their niece Ellen,"daughter of Hannah's brother- Walter" also living here.

1879 Manlius TAX ROLL,.. Hannah Worden.

1880 CENSUS Manlius, Onondaga, NY (Page 35D #3273)... Frank Worden 53, laborer,.. Hannah Worden 50, wife,.. Lucia Worden 19, dau,.. Jennie Worden 16, dau,.. Hattie Worden 8,.. Charles Shepherd 24, Gidion Fargo 23,.. John Evpinham 23. all born in NY, no idea who John is or if he is actually an Everingham, but it is likely.

1892 STATE CENSUS E.D.3, Manlius, Onondaga, NY (page 1, Feb 16, 1892).. Franklin Worden 68, merchant,.. Anna Worden 64,.. Hattie Worden 20,.. Lucy Worden 30,.. William Worden 32, laborer.

1900 CENSUS Manlius township, Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY (Page 4B, family #112) .. Robert Dunlop 46, b.Sept 1854 NY, parents born in Scotland,.. Jennie Dunlop 36, b.March 1864 NY, married 12 yrs, mother of 0,.. Franklin Worden 76, b.June 1824 NY, father-in-law, widowed.

Frank and Hannah's obituaries and Gravestone readings sent to the family web site Dec 6, 2009 by Anna Wells Howell.

1904 OBITUARY, Frank Worden... At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunlop, Frank Worden passed away last Friday morning (January 29), death resulting from an attack of heart failure. He had been in poor health and the end was not unexpected. He was born in a log house where Frank Wakefield now lives, and in his boyhood, there was no roads from Fayetteville to Elkhorn, and but two houses on the flats on the south side of Genesee street. Had he lived until June, he would have been eighty-three years old. He is survived by one son and three daughters; William Worden of Syracuse, and Mrs. James Kiely of Syracuse, Mrs. Robert Dunlop and Mrs. Arthur Agan of this place.

Gravestones at Fayetteville Cemetery
Frank Worden died Jan 29, 1904, aged 80
Hannah Worden died Feb 1, 1894, aged 64

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