Harriet Frances GETTY b.24 July 1858
d.21 Feb 1935
Eugene Delorne EVERINGHAM
m.6 Jan 1881 Huron Co. MI
Henry GETTY (b.1835 NY)2
Elizabeth PULLING (b.1836 ENG)2
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. George Eugene (b.17 Oct.1881)
  2. Esther Violet (b.10 Jul 1884)
  3. Henry James (b.13 Dec.1885)
  4. Bertha Marie (b.15 May 1887)
  5. Frank Stanley (b.30 May 1889)
  6. Adelaide Elizabeth (b.13 Feb 1891)
  7. William Ramon (b.5 June 1892)
  1. Bertha M.
  2. Jennie
  3. William H.
  4. George
  5. Frankie
  6. Alice

grandparents: 2
Robert White GETTY (b.15 Jun 1793)

Richard PULLING (b.11 Jan 1791 ENG)
Fanny Gert. HOLDEN (b.23 Aug 1806)

fact sources and writings about this individual:

Information from the Rootsweb files of Ian Heath 2000. file = (virgilkane2000)

also see (Biography of Henry Getty)

Research of Kevin Everingham:
1880 CENSUS Henry Getty lived at New River, Huron Co. MI. with Elizabeth "wife" and children: Harriet, Jane, William, Franklin & Alice.

1900 CENSUS Huron Township, Huron Co. MI,.. EnumDist 9, Sheet 1A, Home 10 ... Hattie Everingham, head, b.Jul 1858 MI, father born in NY, mo: England, widowed, mother of 7, all living,... George, son, b.Oct 1881 MI,...Henry, son, b.Dec 1885 MI,... Bertha, dau, b.May 1887, MI,... Frank, son, b.May 1889 MI,... Adelaide, dau, b.Feb 1891 MI,... Willie, son, b.Jun 1892 MI. (all children note father born in Canada Eng.

1900 CENSUS Huron Township, Huron Co. MI,.. EnumDist 9, Sheet 1A, Home 9 ... Her parents living next door to harriet Henry Getty, b.Mar 1837 NY, married 42 yrs,...Elizabeth, b.Jun 1837 Eng, wife, mother of 7, 5 living,...Frank, son, b.Jun 1870 MI, single,... Esther Everingham, granddaughter, b.Jul 1884 MI, single.

1910 CENSUS Port Austin, Huron Co. MI... Family #250, Page 12 ... Harriet Everingham, 51, widowed, b.MI, father born in NY, mother born in England,... Bertha M., 22, dau, single, b.MI. NOTE: Bertha married in 1911

1910 CENSUS Port Austin, Huron MI... Family 251, Page 12 ... Henry Getty 74, b.NY faher born in CAN, .. Elizabeth, 73, wife,... Frank C., 39, son, b.MI, single....

--- Research of Erlene Dudley --- Two of Harriet's (Hattie) sisters married brothers - Neil and Alex McFadden. Her little brother was burned to death when he was seven years old. He was playing near a boiler that exploded and burst into flames before he could escape. The heat was so extreme that the rest of the family could only stand by helplessly while the building burned to the ground. Source: ancestry.com Story

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