Polly EVERINGHAM b.11 March 1802 Onondaga NY
d.3 Sept 1877
Hart POTTER (b.1801, d.1882)
married abt 1822 NY
John EVERINGHAM (b.1765) (1)
Nancy____ (b.1764)
children: POTTER

  1. Charles (b.~1825)
  2. Henry (b.~1827)
  3. Platt (b.~1832)
  4. Laura A. (b.~1833)
  5. Jane Nora (b.1836 d.1900)
  6. John (b.~1840)
  7. George (b.~1847)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Samuel (b.1795)
  2. Jerimiah (b.1796 or 1797)
  3. Charlotte (b.1798)
  4. Nancy (b.1799)
  5. Enoch (b.1803 or 1805)
  6. Hannah (b.1805-11)
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Research of Kevin Everingham of Michigan, April 2014

1830 CENSUS Tully, Onondaga, NY .. "Hart Potter"
1840 CENSUS Fabius, Onondaga, NY .. "Hart Potter"
1850 CENSUS Northville, LaSalle, IL (house #115).. "Hart Potter 50,.. Polly 46,.. Charles 25,.. Henry 23,.. Platt 21,.. Laura A. 17,.. Jane 14,.. John 10,.. George 3... John Mosier 17... (all born in NY)"

1860 CENSUS Northville, LaSalle, IL (Page 78, house #567)... "Hart Potter 59, b.NY,.. Polly Potter 58, b.NY,.. John Potter 18, b.NY,.. George Potter 13, b.NY,.. John Lamahr 19, b.Prussia,.. Hannah Negus 49, b.NY,.. John Negus 17, b.NY,.. George Negus 8, b.NY." Polly Potter was an Everingham, sister of Hannah Everingham-Negus.

1882 Kendall County, Illinois burial records; Hart Potter, son of John Potter, spouse: Polly Everingham, born Oct 3, 1801, Tully, NY, died November 8, 1882, Sandwich, IL. Cemetery; MN

1900 Kendall County, Illinois burial records; Jan Nora Potter, daughter of Hart Potter & Polly (Everingham), spouse; Nathaniel W. Schofield,.. b.May 1836 NY,.. d.1900, Sandwich, IL. Cemetery; MN

1901 Descendants of Daniel, James and Joshua Brainerd.. R.D. Brainard, 1908... (Page 324).. Rachel Carelia, b.1834 married Henry Seymour Potter, b.1827 in Onondaga, NY, son of Hart and Polly (Everingham) Potter of Onondaga Co. N.Y.

1921 Montana, It's Story and Biography,..1921, (Page 651) Biography of Capt. John Potter of White Sulphur Springs.. son of Hart and Polly (Everingham) Potter. His parents were also natives of Onondaga County.

Ref: Family tree for John Potter and Kate Vermilye... "Hart Potter born 1800, married 1822 to Polly Everingham. Children included; Jane, Platt and John... Polly Everingham, born 1804, married Hart Potter."

Millington Newark cemetery Kendall County, Illinois... "Polly Everingham Potter, b.11 March 1802, d.3 Sept 1877,... Hart Potter, b.3 Oct 1801, d.28 Nov 1882... Platt Potter, b.1832 d.1908."

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