John Harrison EVERINGHAM
some records show name as EVERNHAM
b.19 Sept 1845
d.3 May 1920
John was a mute:
taken care of by his sister & brother-in-law Jesse Abbott- Noted as guardian of mute son J H Evernham in Henry Evernham's will.
Henry EVERINGHAM (b.1821)
Elizabeth M. CARMONY (b.1827)
. siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. Angeline (b.1848)
  2. William "Lee" (b.1850)
  3. Joseph F. (b.1858)
  4. Elwood Ezekiel (b.1863)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Family outline from the files of Sandra J. Evilsizer, of NM.
2Information organized by Tom Phillips, of PA.
3General information from the research files of Ann J. Everingham and Roger Harris.
4Information gathered from various sources & Internet by Kevin Everingham 2000-2004.

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