Known as "Lee"
b.January of 1850 Champaign OH
Mary Alice ROLFE (1851-1934)
m.1871 according to rcrds of Sandra Evilsizer.
Mary was daughter of Harrison Rolfe.
Henry EVERINGHAM (b.1821)
Elizabeth M. CARMONY (b.1827)
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. Henry Harrison (b.1872)5
  2. Alta May (b.1877)
  3. Iza (b.1881)
siblings: EVERINGHAM
  1. John Harrison (b.1845)
  2. Angeline (b.1848)
  3. Joseph F. (b.1858)
  4. Elwood Ezekiel (b.1863)
fact sources and writings about this individual:

1Family outline from the files of Sandra J. Evilsizer, of NM.
2Information organized by Tom Phillips, of PA.
3General information from the research files of Ann J. Everingham and Roger Harris.
4Information gathered from various sources & Internet by Kevin Everingham 2000-2004.
5IGI file shows Henry H. Everingham b.20 Aug 1872 Champaign, Ohio, son of William L. & Mary A. Rolfe. 6Cemetery Record from Karen Heber 2010. Everingham William "Lee" b.Jan-1850 d.1905 section 6 lot 44...... Everingham, Mary Alice E b.Nov-1851 d.22-Jul-1934 int:25-Jul-1944 sec:6 lot:44 w/o William Everingham, Maiden name-Rolfe

Research of Kevin Everingham of MI 2014:
1887 St. Paris Era-Dispatch, February 11, 1887... "Lee Everingham's little daughter, Altie, has been very sick the past week with measles."

1890 St. Paris Era-Dispatch, Thursday, June 12, 1890,.."(probate court section) W.L. Evernham, executor of Henry Evernham, filed fourth and final account." William was settling the estate of his father Henry who had died in 1887.

1900 St. Paris Era Dispatch, Thursday, July 5, 1900... "Lee Everingham fell from the garret floor of C.E. Buroker's new residence last Friday and sustained painful injuries. No bones were broken but the ligaments in his ankle and the floating viles were injured. He is now able to get around the house." Garret comes from the old French word guerite, which means "watchtower" or "sentry box." These days, a garret has nothing to do with war; it simply means the little room at the very top of a building, just below the roof. Today it is more commonly known as an attic.

1901 St. Paris News Dispatch, October 11, 1901 ... "Mr. and Mrs. Lee Everingham and daughter Iva went to Casstown Sunday to see the baby of Frank Simmons and wife. It is reported very sick." - This would be their daughter Alta's son Paul who was just born in June.

1939 St. Paris News Dispatch, Thursday, May 18, 1939... "Mr. Harrison Rolf died Monday evening at 5 o'clock at the home of his son-in-law, Lee Everingham, one mile north of St. Paris."

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