Jane Maria COWLES b.16 May 1811 Canaan, Litchfiled, CON1
d.7 Apr 1874 Sandusky, Cattaraugus, NY1
John Stoughton EVERINGHAM
(b.1809 d.1885)
married 31 Jul 1830
Josiah COWLES (b.20 May 1774)CONN1
Martha TOBY (b.9 Oct 1775)CONN 1
children: EVERINGHAM
  1. John Lyman (b.9 Sep 1831)
  2. William Cowles (b.27 Sep 1833)
  3. Mary Jane (b.31 May 1835)
  4. Mary Hepzibah (b.17 Mar 1837)
  5. William Bradner (b.13 Nov 1839)
  6. Martha Jane (b.27 Dec 1841)
  7. Laura Patience (b.6 Nov 1844)
  8. Jane Matilda (b.27 Nov 1846)
  9. Ellen "Ella" Maria (b.7 Dec 1848)
  10. John Judson (b.4 Dec 1850)
  11. George Sumner (b.30 Dec 1852)
siblings: COWLES
    all born in Connecticut
  1. Alvah (b.20 Oct 1795)
  2. Louisa (b.2 Mar 1797)
  3. Caroline (b.~1799)
  4. Matilda (b.22 May 1801)
  5. George (b.~1803)
  6. Abigail (b.21 Jan 1810)
  7. Zalmon Josiah (b.14 Apr 1816)
Jane Maria COWLES
fact sources and writings about this individual:

Burial: Sandusky Cemetery, Freedom twp. Cattaraugus, New York.

photo of Jane Maria sent by Robert James of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada March 2000. Photo from "The Josiah Closson Family" 2nd edition. 1952. by William Gideon Closson, Flushing, NY

1IGI File from Kimball G. Everingham, Richmond, CA.

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