Mary Hepzibah EVERINGHAM b.14 Mar 1837 - New York
d.21 Mar 1919 - Missouri
John Erastus DECKER
m. 24 Dec 1866 in South Richland,
"now Fernwood" New York.
John Stoughton EVERINGHAM b.1809
Jane Maria COWLES b.1811
children: DECKER
  1. Annie Laurie DECKER
  2. Genevieve Everingham DECKER
  3. John Everingham DECKER
    (b.12 Sep 1871 in Le Claire Iowa)
  1. John Lyman (b.9 Sep 1831)
  2. William Cowles (b.27 Sep 1833)
  3. Mary Jane (b.31 May 1835)
  4. William Bradner (b.13 Nov 1839)
  5. Martha Jane (b.27 Dec 1841)
  6. Laura Patience (b.6 Nov 1844)
  7. Jane Matilda (b.27 Nov 1846)
  8. Ellen "Ella" Maria (b.7 Dec 1848)
  9. John Judson (b.4 Dec 1850)
  10. George Sumner (b.30 Dec 1852)
fact sources and writings about this individual:
Research of Kevin Everingham of MI

In the cemetery (Hazelwood, Springfield, Green Co. MO) where William C. Everingum (b.1840 d.1900) from Alton, Illinois, and wife Nancy (b.1850 d.1899) are buried, they could certainly be un-related Also here; Mary Everingham Decker headstone has these dates;(b.14 March 1837, d.21 March 1919) Mary's death certificate says father; John Everinham, husband John Decker. Also buried in this cemetery are at least 25 Decker's.

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