Laura Patience EVERINGHAM
author; "Laura Everingham Scammon"
b.6 Nov 1844 Ira, New York
d.28 Aug 1929 Leavenworth, Kansas
James SCAMMON m.4 Mar 1875
John Stoughton EVERINGHAM b.1809
Jane Maria COWLES b.1811
children: last name: SCAMMON
  1. Stanley Everingham (b.3 Jul 1876)
    Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO

  2. Richard Everingham (b.9 Jul 1883)
    Kansas City, MO
  1. John Lyman (b.9 Sep 1831)
  2. William Cowles (b.27 Sep 1833)
  3. Mary Jane (b.31 May 1835)
  4. Mary Hepzibah (b.17 Mar 1837)
  5. William Bradner (b.13 Nov 1839)
  6. Martha Jane (b.27 Dec 1841)
  7. Jane Matilda (b.27 Nov 1846)
  8. Ellen "Ella" Maria (b.7 Dec 1848)
  9. John Judson (b.4 Dec 1850)
  10. George Sumner (b.30 Dec 1852)
fact sources and writings about this individual, from the research of Kevin Everingham of MI, 2006, updated 2016, all transcribed info given below:

Laura Everingham/Scammon was an author.
her book "Bettine" (c)1894 in Missouri shown here ---

1895 The Utica Tribune, Utica, NY, Sunday, Nov 10, 1895,.. "The Social Science Federation of Kansas City is typical of the best features of club work in the west and south. Mrs. Laura E. Scammon is the president. She is a woman of remarkable executive ability and her administrative genius and inspiration have been felt in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas." This same article was run in "The Recorder" Catskill, NY paper, Nov 29, 1895,.. and the Rome NY Daily Sentinel, & Semi-Weekly Ontario Repository Messenger, Canandaigua, Nov. 29, 1895.

1898 The Sedalia Democrat, Sedalia, Missouri (page 4) Sun. Jan 16, 1898... "Mrs. Laura E. Scammon, of Kansas City, who has proved herself to be an indefatigable worker for the enlightenment and advancement of women. Mrs. Scammon was for four years president of the “Social Science Club” of Kansas and Western Missouri, and was one of the founders of the Missouri Federation. She is exceptionally gifted as a presiding officer, her dignity and grace being especially marked, but she also has a ready pen and is an extensive contributer to the Lotus Magazine. She has published several books of essays and stories and is at present the editor of the “club department” of the Kansas City Times.”"

1898 The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, KY, Fri, March 11, 1898... "St. Louis, March 11, Mrs. Ellen M. Henrotin, president of the General Federation of Women's Clubs; Mrs. L.B. Shattuck of Chicago, Henry D.Pierce of IN, Mrs. C.P. Barnes recording sec., and Mrs. Ess and Mrs. Laura Scammon of Kansas City are in the city preparing the program for the fourth biennial convention of the federation."

1898 The Pulaski Democrat, Wednesday, April 20, 1898 ...
"LAURA EVERNIGHAM SCAMMON. Mrs. I.J. Rich has handed us a copy of a Kansas City Club paper which has an interesting sketch of the life of Laura Everingham Scammon, of that city. Mrs. Scammon is the daughter of Rev. J.S. Everingham who preached seven years in South Richland in the sixties. Mrs. Scammon was born in this state where she was educated and in 1876 she married Scammon, a Kansas City lawyer. In 1878 she helped organize a literary club from which has sprung over sixty clubs in Kansas City. Mrs. Scammon is a prominent and active member of the Social Science Club which is doing much good in the west. She is a leader in other organizations, a writer of note and in many ways finds time to distribute help to her less gifted sisters."

1898 The Silver Creek Gazette, NY, Thur., August 18, 1898.. "Mrs. Laura E. Scammon of Kansas City, Mo., has been appointed "Lady Commissioner" for her State to the Trans-Mississippi Exposition at Omaha."

1909 Meade County News, Meade, Kansas, Feb 11, 1909,.. A Harvard Post for a Kansan, Richard Everingham Scammon of Lawrence has been appointed instructor in histology and embryology in the medical school by the Harvard University corporation.

    for more information about Laura, see;
  • The History of the Women's Club Movement in America, by Jane Cunningham Croly, 1184 pgs, H.G. Allen & Co. 1898.
  • The Midland Monthly magazine, Vol 7-8. J. Birgham, 1897.
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  • Kansas: a cyclopedia of State history, embracing events... Standard Pub. Chicago, IL 1912.
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  • electronic copies and re-prints of her books are available also.

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