Jesse Pearce EVERNHAM
middle name spelled "Pierce"?
May have changed last nm. from EVERINGHAM?
b.30 Mar 1869 Ocean co. NJ
d.30 May 1953 Ocean Co NJ
(Riverside Cemetery)
m.Jan 21 1891 Ocean Co NJ
d. 20 May 1961 Ocean, NJ
(Riverside Cemetery Toms River, NJ)
Benjamin D. EVERINGHAM (b.1824)
Neoma Jane Phillips (b.1831)
children: EVERNHAM

  1. Rilla (b.1893)NJ

  2. Margery M (b.1911)NJ
  1. James (b.11 Jul 1850)
  2. Caroline (b.17 Oct 1851) NJ
  3. Mary Emma (May 4, 1854)
  4. Thomas Cook (May 7, 1855)
  5. Emeline "Evaline" (Sept.28, 1856)
  6. Warren (b.March 5, 1859)
  7. Benjamin A. (b.1861) Ocean, NJ
  8. Lucinda (Feb 23, 1864)
  9. John H. (b.3 Dec 1867)
  10. Ann "Annie" (b.20 Oct 1871)

Jesse P. Evernham fact sources and writings:
Photo of a younger Jesse P. Evernham
sent by Tom Phillips Jan 2000.
Read the biography of a great businessman.

Margery, dau of Jesse, writes to her grandson: "Tom Phillips":
"Jesse was the Bay Champion in motorboad racing for 2 years. He was one of 11 children and to spite his humble beginnings, made quite a success of himself."
Photo2: Jesse Evernham Age 78
sent by Earle Evernham of NJ, May 2000

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