oldest to most recent records

1249 Legal record Lincoln Co.,England---1---
1523 WILL of Sir John Everingham of Birkin, Knight---1---
mid 1700's Records of Estrays Monmouth, NJ (early Everingham land)-------
1766 WILL of Hannah Giberson Monmouth Co., New Jersey--10---
1770 Court of Common Pleas James Everingham, Monmouth Co., New Jersey--13---
1771 Court of Common Pleas Thomas Everingham, Monmouth Co., New Jersey--13---
1793 WILL of William Everingham Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey---6---
WILL of William Everingham Proved 1794 Springfield Twp, Burlington Co., New Jersey--5-6--
1794 Militia News Columbia, S. Carolina---6---
1796 Ships list S. Carolina---6---
1798 WILL of Bassnet Dell Canada, Father of Chloe who married James Everingham--12---
1808 writings of Thomas Jefferson reference an Everingham privateer.--13---
1810 WILL of Nathaniel Everingham Butler County, Ohio--2-6--
1815 WILL of John Everingham Charleston, S.Carolina---3---
1829 WILL of Asa Everingham Upper Freehold, Monmouth, NJ---7---
1833 WILL of Elijah Vincent of Willoughby, Niagara, Upper Canada
witnessed by Jacob Everingham & Adoram Dell
1835 WILL of Elizabeth Everingham Monmouth, New Jersey---7---
1838 land grant to Joseph Everingham of Crawford Co. Illinois--13---
1842 Circuit court case involving Gilbert Everinghim family of New York--14---
1843 land grant to Jacob Everingham of Stephenson Co. IL--13---
1848 Supreme Court case involving Everinghim family of New York--14---
1853 land grant to Richard Everingham of Missouri--13---
1853 Court Transcript Enoch Everingham, Lycoming, PA--kev--
1854 Ship Crew Record of Gilbert Everingham of Australia
formerly of New York.
1857 WILL of Thomas Hatcher of South Carolina
leaving estate to Wm Everingham
1859 Ship Passenger Record of Gilbert Everingham of Australia
formerly of New York.
1861 Disability Discharge from US Army for William Everingham gives reasons for discharge---2---
1862 Volunteer Enlistment of Barsnett Everingham
gives his height, eyes, hair etc.
1865 Consolidation Orders 62nd Illinois Infantry order for George Everingham's promotion to Captain of Company F.---1---
1865 WILL of Pamela (Everingham) Lawrence
Cumberland, NJ
1874 land grant to John H. Everingham in Michigan--13---
1880 land grant to John B. Everingham, Reed City, MI--13---
1885 Affidavit of A.Snyder for William Everingham---2---
1885 Affidavit of John Blapham for William Everingham---2---
1891 Death Certificate of Enoch Everingham of NJ SCANNED---8---
1891 Death Certificate of Tilley A. Everingham of NJ SCANNED---8---
1897/98 Pensioner Dropped "Wm Everingham"
gives his pension rate & death info
1907 Declaration of Pension of Barsnett Everingham---2---
1913 Pension of Barsnett Everingham---2---
1916 Declaration for Widows Pension of Helen D.,
widow of Barsnett Everingham
1928 Estate Document of Helen D. Everingham
gives her children's names ages and address
2003 Diane Joan Everingham Teacher's Scholarship
State of Delaware

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death cert. of Enoch Everingham Records above from these sources:

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  3. various family
  4. emailed (unknown)
  5. Connie Baker
  6. Thomas G. Phillips
  7. Rita Millis
  8. Debbie Cutts
  9. Steve Heeney
  10. Corinne Lill
  11. Robert Howie
  12. Erlene Dudley
  13. Reference Book
  14. Newspaper

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