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The EVERHAM Story By Jean L. Eaton. (1960s-1980s?) Page 2, Page 3.
1896 Biography of Albert Everingham of NY
Barsnette Dell Everingham 1919 Biography Chickasaw & Howard Co.
Donald M. Everingham WWII Newspaper updates.
George B. Everingham 1883 Illinois Biography Book.
Francis M. Everingham Inventor of Onondaga, NY. (Ref: 1886)
Story of George B. Everingham In his own words in 1931. Lengthy & detailed. (original sent by Connie Baker 1999.)
Lewis Everingham 1845 Georgia Biography
George LeRoy Everingham Jr. (b.1933) of NJ
Biography of Henry Evernham of Iowa
James Everingham (1845-1910) of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas & Kansas
Biography by Grant Hayes 2004.
Jesse P. Evernham One of the most successful businessmen of the Evernham family.
John B. Everingham of MI, from: The Traverse region, historical and descriptive 1884.
John Lyman Everingham His Canadian & US roots in his own words.
Melville B. Everham 1862-1937 (by A.C. Everham, scan of original)
Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 w/photo
thanks to Jen Perkins-Rose for this contribution.
Court Record 1784 of Matthew Everingham (England)
Sent to Australia. "An Australian historical figure".
Ray Evernham One of the most successful driver/crew chief tandems in NASCAR racing.
William C. Everham (1833-1863) US Civil War By Ken Everham
William W. Everingham 1919 Biography Chickasaw & Howard Co.

Close Relatives & other compiled records:
George WEST b.1835,.. with information about Sarah E. Everingham and Mary (Stultz) Everingham.
Henry GETTY b.1835, with information about his daugher who married Eugene Everingham in 1881.
Charles Hunt CARSON b.1852, with information about his wife Rebecca Everingham and their family.
Justice Abner CHAPMAN, b.1798, with information about his wife Mary Everingham.
George William DARBY Crowland twsp, Niagara Co., Ontario
Grandson of James Everingham, son of Charlotte Louise (Everingham) Darby.
The Josiah Closson Family 2nd edition. 1952
Scanned pages -- Briefly mention several different Everingham's
Review pages (160, 161, 162, 163, 224)
Crawford-Clark County, ILLINOIS, History 1883
Contains The "Harper" family with reference to "Abigail Everingham"
and "Enoch and Triphena (Kitchell) Everingham".
1859-1865 Diary of Sarah Lois Wadley. (Southern History) BIG FILE!

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