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Modern Wars:

US/Britan REVOLUTIONARY WAR (1775-1782)

Revolutionary War Timeline

British Side:
James Everingham (b.1760) British Loyalist, New Jersey Volunteers

United States Side:
Ezekiel Everingim
John Everingham (b.1764) Patriot Index
John Everingham Note: one "John" listed with the Middlesex Militia,
and another from the Monmouth county Militia

James Everingham Boone's Co. Morgan's Rifle Regiment, Capt. Hawkins, commanded by Col. Daniel Morgan... company pay roll, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, 1777,.. remarks; Deserted Ausust 19th, 1777. Regiment organized June 1777 Continental troops organized from the army at large.
James Everingham 3rd Brigade, 2nd Div, 3rd Regiment , PA ID#PA04017 under Captain Thomas Butler, Enlisted Sept. 10, 1778.
Gilbert Everingham Capt Isaac Austin's Company, PA.
Nathaniel Everingham Monmouth NJ State Mititia
Thomas Everingham Monmouth NJ State Militia
Stacy Everingham "Lee's Legion" NJ, Continental Army
William Everingham Captain John Anderson's 4th Regiment,
4th batallion, NJ Brigade, 2nd establishment & Militia ID#NJ28301 also served in Martin's 4th NJ Regiment & Bowman's 2nd NJ Regiment
He particpated in: battles of Short Hills, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, & Expidition against the Indians in which he was wounded in the shoulder & cheek.

ID Numbers given above from the "Valley Forge" Muster Rolls.

WAR of 1812 (June 18, 1812 - Dec. 24, 1814)

Major Everingham enlisted as a Private in Captain Charles South's Company on September 16, 1814. He was discharged on December 5, 1814.

Jacob Everingham 1st Flank, 3rd Lincoln Militia, War of 1812, and On Jan. 26, 1829, he served as a private in Capt. James Cummings Company.

Jedediah Everingham Joseph Townsend's Co., Samuel Read's battalion, NJ detailed militia, War of 1812.

Samuel Everingham served in Captain St.Johns Company, New York Militia, war of 1812. (see this document) I believe this may be this Samuel, but have found no proof. Notice "John & Charles" were minor children when Samuel died in 1844. This document was signed June 22, 1871.

Read about the Everingham family owned Privateer ships; the one blessed with luck - "Saucy Jack", and the often unlucky - "General Armstrong." Legal pirate ships of the War of 1812, owned by John Everingham of Charleston, South Carolina.


CREEK WAR (1813-1814) also known as the Red Stick War, began as a civil war within the Creek (Muscogee) nation. United States forces became involved by attacking a Creek party in present-day southern Alabama at the Battle of Burnt Corn. The U.S. and Britain were fighting the War of 1812 and "The British and the Red Stick Creeks sought an ally in each other. The war ended after Andrew Jackson in command of a force of combined state militias, Lower Creek and Cherokee thoroughly defeated the Red Sticks at Horseshoe Bend. This led to the Treaty of Fort Jackson (August 1814).

Pvt. Lewis Everingham served in Byne's Co., Alford's Battalion, GA. Mtd.Vols.

Pvt. James Everingham served in Berrry's Co.1, Georgia Drafted Militia

Pvt. Thomas Everingham served in Hodge's Co., Hoxey's Battln., Georgia Volunteers
Thomas signed his name "Thomas Effringham" but it was officially recorded "Everingham".

These three men served out of Georgia and were likely born in the late 1700's. Their records were found in Indian Wars Service General Index Cards.

1837 CANADIAN REBELLION (Nov 1837-1838)
The rebellion in Lower Canada began first, in November 1837, and was led by many leaders such as Wolfred Nelson, Louis-Joseph Papineau, and Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan. The Lower-Canada rebellion probably inspired the much shorter rebellion in Upper Canada led by William Lyon Mackenzie in December. In addition, there were other grievances in Upper Canada. Those rebels who were arrested in Upper Canada following the 1837 uprisings were put on trial, with most being found guilty of insurrection against the Crown, and several of the ring-leaders were publicly hanged; most notably Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews.

Ira Everingham (b.1813) and his brother Henry Everingham (b.1819) were found on a pay list of Captain Joshua Thompson's Dunnville Volunteers, February of 1838. they were assisting the Canadian government to contain uprisings.


Like most families of the United States, the Civil War took the largest toll on the Everingham/Evernham family of any war in history.

due to the number of people, the Civil War participants are listed on a seperate page.


The Spanish-American War of 1898 ended Spain’s colonial empire in the Western Hemisphere and secured the position of the United States as a Pacific power. U.S. victory in the war produced a peace treaty that compelled the Spanish to relinquish claims on Cuba, and to cede sovereignty over Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to the United States. The war was preceded by three years of fighting by Cuban revolutionaries to gain independence from Spanish colonial rule.

Pvt. Benjamin C. Everinghim Jr. (1876-1949), U.S. Army

WORLD WAR I (1910-1918)

WWI Page "First World War".
WORLD WAR II (1939-1946)

WWII Page "Second World War".
KOREAN WAR (1950-1953)

Pvt. Donald W. Everingham - awarded Purple heart.(died in battle 1953)
Royal Canadian Regiment, burial: UN Cemetery, Pusan, S. Korea.

Lt. Colonel Albert Everingham (b.1921) see WWII & Vietnam

Lt. Neil Gilbert Everingham of Castile, NY 3rd Infantry, 64th Tank Bn

Charles W. Everingham (served approx 1940-1969) Vet WWII, Korea, VietNam. - U.S. Air Force

Kevin F. Everingham (b.~1936) Navy veteran

July 8, 1959 The first American combat death in Vietnam occurs.

Robert A. Everingham (b.1951) served in 1972

Lt. Col. Albert Everingham (b.1921) see WWII & KOREA above

Charles W. Everingham (served approx 1940-1969) Vet WWII, Korea, VietNam. - U.S. Air Force

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