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It should be noted that obituaries are good for general research guides but should not be used as factual data. Information in obituaries can be incorrect and can often contain errors or misleading infomation since it is based on memory at the time of death and usually not based on reliable records. Whenever possible, try to verify obituary information with birth, death, marriage and other more accurate records, "if" you are using the information for research.


From the Diaries of Melvin Byron Misener of Crowland, Ontario CAN
(May 18, 1847 - May 28, 1936), Reference PAGES:(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Nancy Everingham (1840) LaFayette, NY
Elizabeth Everingham (1871) Howard County, Iowa
Andrew Jackson Evernham (1879) Iowa Falls, IA.
Margaret (Dell) Everingham (1879) Clayton County, Iowa
Jeremiah Everingham (1880) Onondaga, NY
Hannah Everingham Worden (1894) Onondaga, NY


Benjamin Pierce d.1905, Iowa. (lengthy obituary)
Jerry Everingham (1910) Lafayette, Onondaga, New York
Baby Ira Everingham (d.1911) Onaway, Michigan
Sarah J. French Scammell (1913) East Onondaga, New York
Barsnett Dell Everingham (1916) Iowa
Dr. Joseph Everingham (1916) Iowa
Dr. Joseph Everingham (1916) Iowa "Death of a Pioneer Citizen"
Butler Weekly Times, Butler, Missouri, Dec 28, 1916. (large article)
Chas. B. Everingham (1835-1919) Lena, Ohio.
Ira Everingham (1849-1924) MI
Helen (Hunt) Everingham (1928) Iowa DEATH NOTICE
Helen (Hunt) Everingham (1928) Iowa OBITUARY
Charles Everingham (1936) Wyoming, NY OBITUARY
George H. Everingham d.1940 Nedrow, NY
Hazel Everingham (~1896-1942) wife of "Freeman Everingham".


Benjamin Frakes Everingham (1888-1952) Robinson, IL
Celia (Everingham) Locock (1880-1954) Robinson, IL
Jobie Jackson Everingham (1894-1956) Fulton, OH
Ethel Everingham Grandmason d.1962, Muskegon, MI
George E. Everingham d.1962, Onaway, MI
Bert Everingham,77, d.5 Nov 1963, VA
Bertha (Everingham) Fuller, 76, d.Nov 1963, MI
William G. Everingham d.1969, Petoskey, MI
Raymond Dale Everingham (1974 age 64) Crystal, Michigan
Alice Bunnell Evernham (1900-1975) Bayville, NJ
Frances (Everingham) Burnett (1915-1978) Robinson, IL
Ethel Everingham McCarroll d.1978, Syracuse, NY
Anna Gertrude Barbee (1895-1982) Robinson, IL
Edward "Jack" Everingham (1914-1984) Robinson, IL


Dolly Everingham Jauregui (1991) San Diego, California.
Jackie Dewey-Everingham (1991) Writer from San Diego, CA
Eugene Everingham (1991 age 53) Carson City, Michigan - Scanned image
Benjamin Frakes Everingham Jr. (1923-1995) Robinson, IL
George L. Evernham (age 97, 1995) Toms River, NJ
Valeria M. Everingham (1998) of Tuscon AZ
Inez Everingham Bowers (1929-1998) Lifelong Michigan resident.
John Theopolis Everingham (1911-1999) scanned image
LeRoy Everingham (1914-1999) Machinist of Venice, Ohio.

2000 - 2009

Lt. Col Albert K. Everingham (1921-2000) scanned image
Theal Eudean Neigh-Everingham (2001 age 83) Carson City, MI
Catherine Talerico Evernham Schildge of NJ (2002)
Percy Charles Everingham (1913-2002) Onaway, Michigan
Elizabeth (Everingham) Wahl 1917-2002 MI
John R. Everingham 1933-2003 Novato, CA
Norma Jean Everingham 1928-2003 Illinois
Elizabeth Ann Daves Handley 2003 Mt. Juliet, TN
Michael Joseph Everingham, 55, d.20 May 2005 London, ONTARIO
Leora M. Everingham 1911-2005 Carson City, MI
Ruth (Dixon) Everingham d.2005 Ontario, Canada (scanned immage)
Walter B.B. Everingham 1922-2005 San Diego, CA
Donald Gene Everingham, 71 d.8 June 2006 IN
Wilbur Allen Everingham, 87, d.25 Jul 2007 MO
Elizabeth 'Betty' Everingham, 80, d.4 Sept 2008 KY
Helen M. Everingham, 89, d.26 Nov 2008 NY
Edith (Everingham) Lunger 1933-2009 Ft.Myers, FL

2010 -

Kevin F. Everingham Sr. d.12 Aug 2010 VA
Robert Alan Everingham d.14 Nov 2010 FL
Edna Mae (Davidson) Everingham d.17 Mar 2010 NJ
David T. Everingham d.8 Sept 2010 ID
Mildred L. Everingham d.29 Jan 2010 Onaway, MI
Rlene Everingham d.Oct 2013
Marvin N. Everingham d.25 June 2014 MI
Sibyl L. Everingham d.24 Aug 2014 TX

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